Sunday, September 27, 2009

hi world!

ok this is tot weird!wat on earth r we supposed 2 write abt in a blog!help!!!!!!!!
ok,let me think
this is the first tyme i'm doing this so this is pretty random.
so wat r blogs?
they r supposed 2 be like internet journals and internet discussions and all.well they cud also be used 4 blowing off steam abt loads of stuff like injustice,bad music,anger at sum1 etc. etc.
i think this is kINDA boring so ill not bore u any longer and start figuring out blogs.
i only hav 1 question wat do we do with them???????


  1. First of all I wd like to congratulate u krool on entering the blog use ur blog to express ur opinions on anything under the sun.for eg Is it kool to have class X boards or not?...wot say i say 3 cheers to Kapil Sibal...


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