Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Challenges

First of All....

Now I think it's time I made a post on the challenges I'm going to take part in.I'm only taking part in two challenges because my academic load is going to be VERY heavy this year.(That reminds me ... I have to update my review policy soon)
The challenges I will be taking part in are......

DAC 2012

Objective: To read & review a minimum of twelve young adult or middle grade debut novels between the dates of January 1, 2012 – January 31, 2013.*

I have read

  1. Under The Never Sky
  2. Destiny's Fire
  3. Scarlet
  4. Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters

Other books by 2012 debut authors read before 1 Jan 2012 ( so they are not counted towards challenge)
Other challenge I will be participating in is ....

I will be participating in level 
1-10 - A Firm Handshake

Objective: On a quest to dust off your TBR Pile and read all the books you've been telling yourself you'll read next time you'll get a chance.. 

I have read 
  1. Son of Neptune
  2. The Medusa Plot
  3. Unearthly
  4. Between The Lines
  5. Where You Are 


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  1. I am also doing the TBR Pile challenge. Good Luck :)


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