Sunday, May 27, 2012

On reviewing Adult Novels

You all know that I review only Young Adult fiction on this blog and sometimes I review some middle grade novels that I love or find interesting but I do read adult fiction.I love Sophie Kinsella but all her novels are classified as Adult also some Meg Cabot novels that are classified as adult are amazing but I don't review them on this blog.At first I didn't post my thoughts about them because I felt that I shouldn't but as time has progressed I feel as if I CAN'T post my thoughts on them.


I want to change this.There are just some novels YOU HAVE  NEED to talk about(You get what I'm saying?)
Also I feel like I need to broaden my reading horizons..

I blog about books I have read and about 5%  approx. of what I read is Adult fiction.It's not a HUGE part of my life but I feel as if some of my adult readers and young adult readers who are JUST turning into adults NEED to pick up these novels.I couldn't resist posting a review of the Shadow Reader even though it isn't classified as YA(It's Urban Fantasy).

This does not mean I will only review adult novels.It also DOESN'T imply that I'm open to accepting review requests only for adult novels. I am EXTREMELY selective of the adult books I read as I read very few.Only if the author is on my favorite author list (Like Rachel Vincent ,Jennifer Armentrout etc.) or if I've already read adult books written by the author(Eg.Sophie Kinsella, Meg Cabot etc.)  will I consider reviewing the book.I WILL NOT REVIEW EROTIC FICTION on this blog but I am willing to post the review on Amazon on Goodreads.

If I don't like the novel and there is a LOT of mature content in it I will not post the review on the blog.I will rate it on Goodreads and Amazon though.

I am aware that most of the people who follow me are young adults so to make sure that they are aware that the novel is not for Young Adults I will always put this Badge:
before the review.I will also mention if there is YA crossover potential.(just see this review).[A lot of adult novels have even less content than YA ones ]

I hope that you will support me in this decision as blogging is supposed to be about expressing oneself and I want to spread the love of reading through this platform.

IF you have any problems or suggestions about this change do not hesitate to voice them in the comments.I will definitely read them ALL.


  1. I went through this debate with myself a while back and decided to go ahead and review them. I put a little thing at the start of mine in bold that looks like this:

    *This book is not YA

    The way I see it, of a teen is going to read something they are going to read it whether I speak about it or not. I already have many opinions that are going to ensure I'm not the blogger of choice for people who are trying to protect their children from books, so I do not see the point in preventing myself from reviewing things that might raise a few brows.

    At the same time, I'm not about to go into a play by play of how I liked every love scene in a novel, either. There is being honest and acknowledging what one is reading, and then there is just being silly. (Or at least untrue to myself.)

    Also, from what I have gathered I have just as many readers whom I know are *not* teens as I have that are.

    There are some advantages to being a very focused blog and there are some advantages to being more eclectic in what you read. You just need to know what makes you want to keep reading, because if you start to resent what is in your hands or on your e-reader -- if it starts to feel like 'work' -- that's when the trouble begins.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much for the advice :)

      Of course I'm not going to go into a play by play of how I liked any HOT scene and exactly what I liked about it .

      I'm still going to focus on YA because I mostly read YA and I whenever I review an adult novel on the blog I will make it VERY obvious that it's not YA.

  2. I read novels for all target groups and every once in awhile I review a title that is not YA. So I understand and support your choice :)

  3. I wouldn't mind a few adult novels~ (especially since I ADORE Sophie Kinsella's novels, and would love to see more people pick up her AWESOME books!)

    Lilian @ A Novel Toybox

  4. I have noticed that the YA genre has risen so much over the past say 5+ yrs in popularity, and that many blogs are posting reviews constantly on this genre only. I personally read a lot of childrens ficiton as a child and then moved strait into adult fiction, with not much in-between hence it is only now that i am a lot older am i reading some books in the YA genre. I have missed out on a lot! and i do see why this genre is popular, but there are so many adult books out there that i do think it is important to highlight them as well and read & review them. Adult literature may not have the glossy, cute covers like YA that stand out on the bookshelf nor are they as light to read and some can be quite lenghty, but it is a great way to experience more challenging literature and the real 'essence' of writing - look at Dickens for example. His work can be impossible and so time consuming to read, but it really is spectacular & i would say that a mixture of chick-lit with YA is a good reading combination too!


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