Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dear Ash

This letter is part of a contest  hosted by the amazing author Julie Kagawa , who wrote The Iron Fey Series, which include The Iron King, The Iron Daughter, The Iron Queen, and the fourth book that isn't out, yet is The Iron Knight.
Here is the link to the contest, if you feel like entering. Julie Kagawa will explain to you all you have to do on  that page. Here is my letter to Ash and the reason I chose to write to him is because I love  and hate him at the same time.I also have a lot of questions to ask him. 

Dear Ash,
I just read about meghan's adventures in a book called the Iron King.You've most probably never heard of it (yeah right!) and I would just like to say something that's been on my chest for a LONG time.Can you please just stop being so cruel to meghan because if you can't, just let her go! She can do way better than you because she's smart,courageous and cares for people.Girls like her just don't fall out of the sky, you know!

Hmm.... now that's off my chest....... I'd like to tell you that you ROCK! You can fight ....well (Ok,that sounds lame).Puck is mentally retarded and I love how you put him in his place and shut him up.He makes no sense!You ever thought of a very creative way in which you could kill him and no one would find out?Not that, I want you to kill him ,but still. 

I can't beleve I'm writing to you.Though I rather doubt you will read it because lets face it...YOU are not the letter reading and replying kind of guy because you are not mushy and romantic .That reminds me , have you ever done anything romantic or been in a romantic place with a guy you hate? 
Don't glare at me I'm just a teeny tiny bit curious.I'm not going to bore you with my rant of how I think that deep down you're a good guy and all that because I like you because you act like a total jerk bad guy.I just don't like the fact that you act like that with meghan.So ever thought of hugging puck for no reason ? 

Your curious friend,

PS: Ash what do you think of Julie Kagawa?Ever heard of her ? 
PPS: I probably would have a lot more question if I had read the other two books! I want to read them so badly!! Ash have you ever given an exam?

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