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B2W2014: Lady Thief by A.C.Gaughen (Interview +GIVEAWAY)

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Lady Thief (Scarlet #2)
Scarlet’s true identity has been revealed, but her future is uncertain. Her forced marriage to Lord Gisbourne threatens Robin and Scarlet’s love, and as the royal court descends upon Nottingham for the appointment of a new Sheriff, the people of Nottingham hope that Prince John will appoint their beloved Robin Hood. But Prince John has different plans for Nottingham that revolve around a fateful secret from Scarlet’s past even she isn’t yet aware of. Forced to participate at court alongside her ruthless husband, Scarlet must bide her time and act the part of a noblewoman—a worthy sacrifice if it means helping Robin’s cause and a chance at a future with the man she loves. With a fresh line of intrigue and as much passion as ever, the next chapter in Scarlet’s tale will have readers talking once again.

Publication: Already available (February 11th 2014)

How did you come up with the idea to write Scarlet?
SCARLET was a little strange.  I had this voice kind of nagging in my head, and I started going back through old work.  I found this story I had written in grad school in this voice, and it all collided--I knew who she was, I knew who the hero she had been wishing after was, I knew it all.  And I just started writing, and it came out very very fast. 
How is Lady Thief( the sequel) different from Scarlet?
It's a little darker.  It's time for some serious consequences to catch up to Scar, the band, and the shire.  Everyone is really dealing with the fact that they can't run away from their pasts.  Scarlet is also put in the position of deciding who she really is;  the things that define her, like her knives, dressing as a boy, holding on to her secrets, even her love of Rob, have all been stripped away and she has to figure out what it means to be Scarlet.  What, in all of that, is inalienable.   
Your favourite version of Robin Hood?
BBC!  People draw a lot of parallels, and while I see some of it, I also see some pretty gigantic divergences.  But yeah, Jonas Armstrong, Richard Armitage...some serious man candy in that.  Never was a big fan of their portrayal of the sheriff, though.  

Any clues/hints/information you can share with us about book 3?
Hmm...well I'm secretly a huge history geek, and I have had some pretty serious intentions for this series and what major historical event it contributes to in the future.  I can't wait to share that!  (Well, I guess I can wait a LITTLE.... ;-) )  It's still very much in the process of editing and changing, but I think while I was writing it I definitely enjoyed seeing two characters (and a third, actually) have some happiness for once.  BEFORE I MESS IT ALL UP AGAIN!

I love how you have such a strong feminine character in this series, any specific characters fictional or real that inspired you to come up with such a strong female character?
It will become much more clear in LADY THIEF, but Eleanor of Aquitaine is one of my ultimate favorite historical figures, bar none.  Writing her was like fangirling history.  And whenever people tell me Scarlet is anachronistic, I just point to her.  Eleanor was hardcore.  And I think as far as fiction goes, Tamora Pierce's work was an INCREDIBLE influence on me when I was young, and I think Ann Rinaldi was the coolest way to learn about girls in history.  Ever! 

Lady Thief in one line?

Forced to participate at court alongside her ruthless husband, Scarlet must act the part of a noblewoman to protect Rob and the shire--but there are things that cannot be undone, and secrets that Scarlet never knew she lost. 

Books you would recommend to
A) YA readers
B) Adult readers
So I am going to skirt this question because I think YA readers and Adult readers are one and the same.  Hmm recent favorites...I'm a total Rainbow Rowell convert, FANGIRL and ELEANOR AND PARK are books I want to slip in between the pages of.  I just finished BRIGHT BEFORE SUNRISE (Schmidt) and MANOR OF SECRETS (Longshore) and totally obsessed over both.  This is less a recommendation, but I just did a lot of graduate work on the New Adult emerging genre and I'm really dying to see some stellar entries in this field--I think it has so much potential that hasn't fully been tapped yet. 

If Scarlet was trapped on a deserted island , what would she do?
Hm.  Is Rob there?  If so, enjoy it.  If not, rope a couple of sea turtles together and sail right out of there.  

Rapid Fire(what it the first thing that comes to your mind when I say....
Twilight Midnight
Black  Cat
Harry Potter  Flying on Broomsticks
Hot  Toddy  (okay, maybe I should explain that it's REALLY cold here...)
Hood  Shadows
Wings  Broken
Coffee  Ew.  (I'm a tea drinker)
T.V.  Scandal
Scarlet   Should meet Olivia Pope. 

I for one loved Scarlet and cannot wait to dive into this book. 

The author has been kind enough to offer an ARC(Advanced Readers Copy of Lady Thief ,a tote bag and minor swag. 

How awesome is she? 

(told you she's awesome)

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  1. I absolutely loved this interview!!! I loved the fact that you said YA readers and Adult readers are one and the same, I am 31 and a proud YA/NA reader and blogger and I love all books! A good book, is a good book no matter the age it was intended for. I love Strong women and Scarlet is just that! I can't wait to read Lady Thief, and you are killing me with all the teasing about plots for book 3!!! Fingers Crossed I win, I would love thiis and thank you for the opportunity!!!!

  2. The legend of Robin Hood fires up the imagination. We've all heard the story over the years. An outlaw on the side of justice.

  3. I haven't read this series yet but it looks interesting and I have heard lots about it. Scar's character sounds kick ass so I might read it sooner rather than later. And if I ever get stranded on an Island without a swoon worthy guy I might use the idea of sea turtles too (if I find them ) !!

  4. The legend of Robin Hood was one I grew up with. It was everywhere!!! I absolutely love the original and all of the re-tellings. Adore the cartoon :)

  5. I love the legend of RH b/c like others had mentioned, it's a universally known story . But I love how AC is reinventing this classic story! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I've just read LT in e-form and OMGG it sure is so much darker than Scarlet!! That part about book 3 is totally not helpful cause the ending of LT was so open, ANYTHING can happen next. SO ARGH, and book 3 doesn't even have a title yet!! I LOVE this series, and I love the Robin Hood story but I've never watched a show about him before. Guess I'll try the BBC one since Gaughen liked it! :)) Great interview, and thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I always found the legend of Robin Hood interesting. There is barely anything known of him in history. If I remember correctly, it's based on a single ledger and a diary entry, or something like that. So to see a legend that we historically know virtually nothing about be made into movies and books and other creative awesomeness is just great to me!

  8. Great interview! I just read Fangirl and I agree with you, it was awesome! Also, I love the deserted island question and answer so funny! and btw Olivia Pope and Scarlet should totally meet!!

  9. This sounds like a great book and that was a great interview! I can't wait to read this:)

  10. Everything fascinates me about Robin Hood. From the original to this fabulous retelling! I love that Robin Hood, or Scarlet, does everything to protect others that can't protect themselves, without thought to the consequences he or she will face. I love the kind of selflessness and wish that more people in the real world exhibited that kind of behavior!

  11. I loved this interview! I think A.C. Gaughen is an amazing writer. I love the characters she writes, the emotions on the pages! Besides, she sounds like awesome woman.
    The history about Robin Hood has always fascinated me since I was little and when I found out about 'Scarlet' I couldn't wait to read it! Now it's one of my favourite books.
    Can't wait for the third book!!!

  12. Interesting inspiration for the character

  13. I've always had vague knowledge about the Robin Hood legend but it wasn't until I read Scarlet that I become really interested in it! :)
    Loved Scarlet and I really hope to read Lady Thief soon! :D


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