Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review: Be With Me by J Lynn

It is classified as NEW ADULT.

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Be with Me (Wait for You #2)

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My Thoughts:
I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Armentrout . I actually have a whole tag delegated to her on the blog. I'm actually in awe of this woman , just see the amount of books that are upcoming this year on this blog and the best thing is that I'm waiting for almost all of them! Wait for You was an interesting novel which really pulled me in but it reminded me a lot of Hopeless and it was depressing but not as depressing as Hopeless.Be With Me is a book that I enjoyed more than Wait For You
I really liked Tess. I thought she was a nice girl with guts and I didn't want to shake some sense into her like I did with Avery. I really liked her .Unlike the first book the major problem lies with the guy in this novel, Jase was a swoonworthy guy but I did want to shake some sense into him . (It wouldn't be a romance novel if you didn't want to shake some sense into someone! ) 
The chemistry between Jase and Tess was hot and there was a nicely paced plot surrounding them. I'm not saying I didn't predict what happened but I was engrossed throughout the novel.Cam and Avery are very much present in this novel and they don't just disappear. 
 Sometimes you just need nice predictable romances but Jennifer Armentrout manages to sometimes rip your heart out because this series deals with real tangible issues. So even though this didn't break my heart and depress me as much as Wait For You, I would recommend it. I'm glad it didn't break my heart as much as the first because in a way I enjoyed it more. 
I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. I really hoped the next book would feature Ollie but I don't think it does. I think Stay With Me features Calla. 
My Rating:
TOSS UP BETWEEN 3.5 and 4 


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