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Q&A with Jennifer:Author of Half Blood

You guys should know by now that I am ion loooooooooovee with Half Blood!
So I thought it would be fun if I posted an interview with the author.(Don't worry none of these contain spoilers!)

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Lives in West Virginia. All the rumors you heard about her state aren’t true. Well, mostly. When she's not hard at work writing, she likes to read, work-out, watch zombie movies, and pretend to write. Rep'd by Kevan Lyon of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
The Official Blog of author Jennifer L. Armentrout

1. Could you start things off by telling us what we can expect from Half Blood?(No spoilers !)

You can expect a little of everything from Half-Blood: romance, danger, fight scenes, lies, mystery, and some twists that most people haven't seen coming. It's based on Greek Mythology, especially the demigod myth. It's more like a reinvention of that myth. For those who've read Daimon, yes there's more Alex snark coming your way and lots of Aiden.

2.Can you tell us a little about the main characters in Half Blood(guys in particular)?

Oh, the Half-Blood guys.
 Well, there are a couple. 
There's Caleb, who is Alex's best friend and partner in mayhem. 
Then there's Seth... and he's a handful. Alex and him don't necessarily get a long. They're actually too much a like, personality wise. Some of the funniest conversations are between Seth and Alex. 
And of course, there's Aiden. He's kind of the silent guy, but when he has something to say, it's pretty epic. He's had some tragedy in his life that has shaped him and how he treats Alex. Aiden also plays the guitar. 

3.What  influences (both literary and non-literary) did you draw from while writing ?

Mainly, the Greek influence. When I originally wrote Half-Blood, there were so little kick butt female protagonists (it had been the era of Bella Swan and company) so I'd been striving for a female lead that could fight, had a spunky personality and really stood out. 

4. Who is your favorite character in this book, and why?

Oh my, I don't think I could just pick one but if I had to: Alex. She's just so snarky and funny. 

Jennifer Armentrout

5. What books/genres do you read when you have the chance? Any  books you would like to recommend ?

Mostly paranormal and urban fantasy, with a little bit of contemporary mixed in. Everyone definitely needs to read Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon when it comes out in October. I'd also recommend Personal Demons/ Original Sin and Demon's Trappers Daughter if you like paranormal. 

6.Do you have a favorite scene or line form Half Blood/Daimon?

Chapter 16 in Half-Blood was a favorite scene of mine. *Evil Giggles*

7.What would you do If you were in Alex’s shoes?

Besides jump Aiden? I don't think I'd last a week in Alex's shoes. I probably would've never made it out of Miami alive, to be honest. 

8. What is the one question about Half Blood or Daimon you would really like to be asked? Will you share the answer with us?

Well, I like all the questions but here is the most common one: "Why is Aiden so cute/adorable/sex/swoon-worthy?" My answer: Because that's how he rolls. 

9. Can shed some light on the setting of the novel? How did you develop this unique universe and characters?

It takes place in North Carolina. I honestly can't even remember how I picked NC for the setting. I was looking for something close to a beach and found Bald Head Island in NC. Deity Island (the location of the Covenant) is a fictional Island joined with Bald Head Island. 

10.Tell us five interesting things about yourself.

1. I'm addicted to caffeine
2. I have an overactive imagination.
3. I have a dog named Loki
4. For two years in a row, I had a car accident on the same day at the same exact time
5.I hear voices in my head. Hopefully I can make some money off them

11.What next? Are you going to write another series?

I have several projects lined up. There may be some book news soon. Wink. Wink.

12. How did the covers for your novels get chosen? They are all so beautiful! 
Thank you! They did a great job with the covers and I think they really stand out. Each symbol on the cover of each book has a role in the story. 

13. what message do you hope readers will take away from Half Blood?

I didn't write Half-Blood with a certain message in mind, but I guess, it does show that sometimes you have to do things you'd never want to do in your life but its the right thing to do.

14. What can you tell us about the remaining novels in the series Pure and The Untitled sequels?

There are four novels total in the series at this point. There isn't much I can tell without being spoilery, but expect a lot of twists and turns. 

15. What authors have inspired you?What about them is inspirational?

My biggest inspiration when I was a teenager and started writing was LJ Smith. She's probably my fav author!

I hope you are not brain dead by the time you finish answering these! Thank you so much for your time!!!!!!
Thank you for having me!!

I LOVED THIS BOOK! IT WAS SO GOOD! I'll be posting a lot of Half Blood related posts in the coming month. This book is one book even I'm going to buy!

Expected publication: October 18th 2011 by Spencer Hill Press 
but It's available for preorder here:

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