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Guest Review+ GIVEAWAY: The Girl In The Spider's Web

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I'm participating in the Hachette India blog tour for the Millennium series newest installment.

The Girl in the Spider's Web (Millennium Trilogy #4)

The girl with the dragon tattoo is back: Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist return in a continuation of Stieg Larsson's Millennium series.

Written by Swedish novelist and journalist David Lagercrantz, this much anticipated continuation to one of the best-loved crime series of the last decade will be published in Sweden as Det som inte dödar oss (What Doesn't Kill You).

Shayantani's Thoughts:

Lisbeth Salander is back, and with a new creator!
Steig Larsson’s death had many fans including me grieving the great loss it was. Not only was he a fabulous writer, with his sharp journalistic authoritative tone of writing and his crisp plot, but there was also the added loss of not encountering Lisbeth again. Salander is probably one of the most iconic literary heroines of our time. Her sharp tongue, photographic memory, hacking skills, piercings and tattoos along with her uncompromisingly vengeful nature is very much a part of the public imagination. Probably this is why she rises from the grave, much like she did towards the end of “The Girl Who Played with Fire” and this time with a new creator,crime journalistDavid Lagercrantz.

It was with great anticipation mingled with trepidation that I looked forward to the publication of this book. Any book which is a part of a series already leads to comparison with former novels. Lagercrantz’s job is made doubly hard as he carries forward the legacy of Larsson and has to recreate a character like Lisbeth, but he rises to the challenge. Multiple narratives intertwine to tell a complicated plot which manages to successfully bring together all the complex elements it introduces while delving into character development as well. Hacking the NSA, the Russian mafia, the possibility of artificial intelligence capable of replacing humans are just some of the elements it incorporates.

The novel introduces two prominent new characters - Franz Balder, a genius scientist working with complicated Artificial Intelligence technology and his son August, an autistic child who possesses savant skills. There is also Gabriela Grane, genius analyst, member of the Sapo, working in an overwhelmingly male dominated work environment and Ed Needham, the irate NSA official who has a beef with Lisbeth.

Among the old characters we meet Bloomkvist and it is interesting to watch him compete and struggle to maintain his superstar status in the twitter age. His “mary sue” like traits which I previously had a problem with in the earlier novels are significantly toned down. Girls no longer throw themselves at him which is a welcome relief. We also get renew our acquaintance with Erica Berger, inspector Bublanski (bubble as Lisbeth calls him) and the by now familiar landscape of Sweden.

For me the most interesting element in the story was the interactions between Lisbeth and August. Lisbeth’s character is most endearing when she is in her uncompromising fight against personal wrongs mode. But in August, there is a protective touch as well as a self-identification with this genius autistic boy who has been through childhood trauma. Perhaps it is the closest Lisbeth ever comes to finding somebody like herself. More aspects of her history are also revealed which add to her character depth. She is undoubtedly one of the most badass women in literature and continues to kick misogynist butts.

Lagercrantz’s work lacks some of the gritty complexities of Larsson but he does a brilliant job at taking the story forward. It also leaves certain issues unresolved which makes me hopeful for a sequel. With the cult status that Lisbeth has attained, I hope she is around for a long time and outlasts the author again.

Thanks so much Shayantani for taking the time to review this book for me. Shayantani's reviews are brilliant.Which is why it's awesome that she agreed to do a guest review.

You can check out her Goodreads profile here.


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I've realized that I want to talk about numerous topics and my blog name restricts me. I never really liked my blog name too much. It was a big name and at that time I just picked something at random. So without further ado let me introduce my new website....

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