Review Policy

EDIT: I am willing to organize blog tours. If you want me to organize a blog tour for you, please email me. Please keep in mind that I will CHOOSE the books that I will be willing to organize a blog tour for as I will not be receiving any compensation for organizing these blog tours. 

EDIT: Regarding Indie requests.Currently I have a huge TBR and I am not accepting indie book requests.I am willing to post an excerpt and giveaway of your novel or I can giveaway your novel as part of a giveaway hop.I'm not willing to review them though.Sorry.If you're an indie author I've worked with in the past,I might be able to make an exception.If your book is in my to-read shelf or dying to read shelf  on Goodreads I will definitely look into your request.

I would be  glad to accept review copies or ARCs from authors and publishers (either paper or Kindle format/compatible). I try to only accept novels that I believe I will enjoy; however, I cannot absolutely guarantee a favorable review, but I will always be fair .I try to keep my entire review as honest and as spoiler-free as possible. I will express my honest opinion and I do not receive or accept any compensation for my reviews.  I always try to  make a note in my review when I have received a review copy or ARC of the novel I'm discussing. If I review your book, and you do not want me to keep it posted, feel free to email me and ask me to remove it.

I'm also happy to participate in giveaways, tours, interviews and original guest posts.

I  review Adult,New-Adult,Young adult or Middle grade/Children's fiction.My favorite genres in this category are paranormal,dystopian,fantasy and pretty much any book that catches my eye.Please check this post regarding adult novels.

When I get a book to review it does not come with a promise of a book review especially if I was not notified before receiving the title. If for some reason I find that I cannot read and review a title I've received and requested, I will contact the person who sent it to me.I cannot guarantee a time frame on reviews unless the author/publisher has discussed it with me before I accept the novel. I try to review the books I receive as quickly as possible, and when I receive an ARC, I will do my absolute best to post the review before the book is released or very soon thereafter.

Finally, I can share my reviews on Goodreads , Amazon and Twitter . Please mention in your email that you want me to share the review on these platforms.I will gladly honor requests from authors/publishers to post my review to other bookseller venues. Please include the sites with which you would like me to share my review in your review request email.

If you would like me to review your book, please email me at and put "Book for Review" as the subject.If I do not reply in a week please resend your email.I will reply in that period unless and untill I have mentioned that I will be missing in action due to some reason on my blog.

Also :I do not sell ARCs ,ebooks or books that you send to me for review but may use them for giveaways or trades. If this bothers you, please let me know.

My Rating System

1 star: Not for me

2  stars: It was average.

3 stars:It was good/ok.
It is definitely worth a gander.

4 stars: It was VERY GOOD
Loved the story
It was just lacking a little something.
Characters were good.

I think I've said enough.

Not Suitable for Younger Readers/Younger Readers proceed with caution due to....
This note will be added if the book contains scenes or information not appropriate for younger readers of this blog.I would strongly reccommend that children below 16 years of age do not approach this book and if they do, please proceed with caution.I will explain my reason for this note in my reviews.

For the readers:
All my reviews are honest. Feel free to express your own opinions by commenting because I love comments! Please remember that the reviews on this website are MY opinion .I am not you and in the end you have to judge whether you like the book or not.I'm just ranting about books I'd love to read,have read and books I didn't love that much.It's like I'm one of your friends.The books your friend recommends can be AWESOME or BORING.
Hope you enjoy my blog.


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