Monday, July 3, 2017

Series Review: Hidden Legacy by Ilona Andrews

Content Warning: This series is not suitable for younger readers and is classified as adult urban fantasy.

This is one series that should not be judged by it's terrible covers. The covers are tacky and absolutely horrendous which must be scaring away potential readers. I'm a huge fan of the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, which is why I bought a copy of Burn for Me as soon as it was published. 

Burn For Me (Hidden Legacy #1)

The book follows Nevada Baylor a paranormal private investigatore with a concsience as she ends up being entangled in a very complex controversy. Her involvement in this case, leads her to meet the enigmatic Mad Rogan. Both characters are sketched out very well and the storyline is very engaging. At times, I could see a lot of parallels to Kate Daniels, especially in the characters. Despite the glaring similarities the witty dialogue had me in splits. The ending was slightly predictable but the cliffhanger ending made me want to desperately get my hands on the sequel. 

The reason I am so fond of Andrews' work is because of the way she writes female characters. The female characters have heart and that realness that is not found in all works. You want to root for the females not because they are the protagonists but because they inspire you to be better. While there are some problems with the alpha male characterisation of Rogan, the witty and real dynamic helps the reader overlook his flaws. Nevada is very aware that Rogan is mad and controlling and she calls him out for it, something I love. I also love the lack of insta-love, insta-love is my biggest pet peeve nowadays. 

Overall, as I have read the entire series, I can vouch that this book is at times the weakest novel in the series. 

White Hot (Hidden Legacy #2)

Source: Edelweiss (Thank you Avon for the copy!)

I think this might be my favourite book in the series because of how absolutely hilarious it is.There is this scene with the ferrets which made me die from laughter.This book isn't perfect but I ended up reading this in a DAY because of the long wait. The first book came out in 2014 and this one was released in 2017. The author had warned in advance on their personal blog that there was a delay but the wait was absolute torture. I wanted to read more about Nevada especially after the killer epilogue of the first book. If you've not started the series yet, you're lucky because you barely have to wait for the third novel to release. 

White Hot builds on the relationships and the secrets hinted in the first book. I enjoyed how it focused more on family dynamics and the genetic history of Nevada. I love Nevada's family so the focus was very welcome. I would have preferred a slower build up of the romance but the way it was handled was in a satisfactory way. The new characters that are introduced are interesting and I love the insight into the detective agency and how it works. 

Overall, the witty narrative made this an INSTANT addition to my reading list despite some of its faults. 

Wildfire (Hidden Legacy #3)

Source: Edelweiss (Thank you Avon for the copy!)

The blurb of this novel made me extremely worried. The blurb makes you believe that the focus of the novel would be on how Nevada handled jealousy. Fortunately, the sub-plot is handled excellently. There is no pettiness and unnecessary misunderstandings. The book ties up all the ends while leaving space for a spin-off or a continuation if there is interest. It's a good way to end the series but it left me wanting more of the world. I guess that shows how well the series is written as you don't feel like saying goodbye to the characeters. 

I would love to read anything that features the Baylor family. Generally I fangirl about the romantic pairing but in this series, the family dynamic shines. It is the heart of the series and makes it stand out from all other series which seem to ignore normal family dynamics. The drama is realistic as are the conversations. The series did seem rushed at parts but it might be because I'm used to the slow but steady plot build up found in the Kate Daniels series. 

Overall, I would recommend the entire series for those looking for a witty, hilarious, urban fantasy set in an interesting new world that features strong characters. 

My Rating:

I love it


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