Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Why I've been inactive and apology

Hey everyone!

I know this has been a long time coming and I've been feeling incredibly guilty about it so here it is.

I'm sorry

I've become incredibly inactive on the blog for a while and extremely sporadic. I'm still very active on Goodreads though so it's not that I've not been reading or have been radio silent but for my blog readers it might have looked that way. 

Mostly, I started a website and I didn't realize that I had taken on too much for one single person. Especially considering that it was the year I was graduating.I was planning to become super active when I had graduated but I couldn't. REASON BEING, I had to move. 

Not just move from one city or town , but from one CONTINENT to another. 

So now I'm in a new country and I have to learn my way around. BUT, GOOD NEWS this new city has a LOT of books, bookstores and author events. So if you follow me on Instagram (@writerandtales) you might have seen how I posted an author reading live on my stories and I'm not planning to stop. I have tickets to see Leigh Bardugo (My obsession since Six of Crows!) and Rainbow Rowell (Fangirl anyone?) . So I'm still very much in touch with the book and publishing scene. 

I haven't posted many reviews here but I am going to try to be more organized now. I've not had the time to read much these last few months but I've been posting mini reviews all over my Instagram and Goodreads, I'm going to post them here as soon as I can. I like posting well written reviews here or atleast reviews I have thought over which is why posting here takes longer. 

On the website, Writer and Tales (writerandtales.me), I'm going to be posting a review of the films Girl on The Train and Peculiar Children soon. As I haven't read the books of either they won't be up here.

To my followers, thank you for being so so patient with me and still being with me. I cannot thank you for your support enough. 



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