Sunday, July 21, 2013

Catching Fire *NEW* movie trailer (SO much awesome!)

SO there's a NEW catching fire movie trailer and it is so much better than the first one! (my opinion)

I'm so excited for this movie now!!!!! 

Also, apparently they showed a divergent trailer at comic con ... 

HOPE they release it soon !

For the time being I'm going to be fangirling over the new Catching Fire movie trailer!



  1. I heard about the Divergent clip but haven't seen any news of it yet--have you? I really want to see Four & Tris in action!

    The Catching Fire trailer was just brilliant. I can't wait for the movie, and I wasn't even the biggest THG fan. The music, Finnick, Gale and Katniss, and Donald Sutherland... *sigh*

  2. Hi,
    I went through the movie Catching fire trailer. It's really awesome...!
    I would definitely like to see some more post of yours in future....!

  3. Oh, so lovely! Can't wait to see it! This is my favorite dystopian series, and I think the movies are great too.

  4. Hello friends,
    This is amazing video,looking forward to the funny and entertaining act,disputes all the humpty-dumpty laughing and full on guyys must watch this ......Thanks

  5. Catching fire is like........getting hammer kick instantly in your life , where everything get close.....and you are looking foe help........Must see this....!!


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