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Review: Cracked

Meet Meda. She eats people.

Well, technically, she eats their soul. But she totally promises to only go for people who deserve it. She’s special. It’s not her fault she enjoys it. She can’t help being a bad guy. Besides, what else can she do? Her mother was killed and it’s not like there are any other “soul-eaters” around to show her how to be different. That is, until the three men in suits show up.

They can do what she can do. They’re like her. Meda might finally have a chance to figure out what she is. The problem? They kind of want to kill her. Before they get the chance Meda is rescued by crusaders, members of an elite group dedicated to wiping out Meda’s kind. This is her chance! Play along with the “good guys” and she’ll finally figure out what, exactly, her ‘kind’ is.

Be careful what you wish for. Playing capture the flag with her mortal enemies, babysitting a teenage boy with a hero complex, and trying to keep one step ahead of a too-clever girl are bad enough. But the Hunger is gaining on her.

The more she learns, the worse it gets. And when Meda uncovers a shocking secret about her mother, her past, and her destiny… she may finally give into it.

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My Thoughts:

I've been meaning to write this review for a long time, my only excuse is I was busy but I hear the sequel is already out so I thought I might as well write it now.

I would like to start off with the fact that the cover is a LITTLE misleading. It gives off depressing vibes and is dark but the book is actually quite funny (the main character is very sarcastic).So don't judge the book by it's cover , this is not a creepy and scary book.

I loved the main character,Meda . She's so snarky and sarcastic that I wish she was a real person and I could be friends with her.She keeps making such amazing pop culture references and I would read the sequel just to get inside her mind again.

The secondary characters are fleshed out very well. Chi,Uri and Jo are characters that balance out Meda in a very nice way. Chi is like an adorable idiot that grows on you and the dynamic between Jo and Meda is something I loved.

One of the things I loved about this novel is that there is no love triangle or even an annoying forced love angle. The focus is on Meda's inner turmoil and the story is not cluttered with romantic cliches.

The story is interesting but nothing too out of the ordinary.The thing that makes this story stand out from other paranormal YA is the interesting and different main character. I think the hero of the story is the heroine and I would reread this book just for her. If the main character doesn't fascinate you, you might find the story to be a bit slow.

My Rating:


Read it for the Meda!


  1. I love Meda she is just so darn funny and all around not the hero that you have to love her anyways. The second book is even better!

  2. I hadn't heard of this novel, but I think I'll give it a try. Great review!

    Amber @ Fall Into Books

  3. I'm moving to India just so I can get this sequel! Anyhow Meda kick-ass and I'm so glad you liked her. She is so funny! :) Great review :)

  4. I love when the main character of a book is the thing that hooks a reader in! So often the heroine is brushed aside as a favorite in favor of a love interest or side character. Plus I love sarcastic heroines. Definitely going to have to add this to the TBR! Great review :)

  5. Awesome! Glad to know the book doesn't match its cover. The cover does give off depressing vibes. I may have to check this one out. Thanks for the review!

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