Friday, August 21, 2015

Airtel 4G Question: What will you do with Unbelievable Speed?

So Airtel asked a very interesting question as a campaign for their 4G launch in India:

What will you do with these unbelievable speeds under your hood?

Generally I do not participate in such campaigns but this is a question that I actually feel like writing about.In this day and age internet connectivity is taken as a given. I for one feel lost and completely disconnected when I am not connected to the internet. Unfortunately we cannot have access to high speed Wi-Fi everytime. We have to make do with the data services that our mobiles offer. I for one, use 2G very frequently. My family uses 3G because they need a faster internet connection due to work. One of my friends doesn't have Wi-Fi connectivity at home so she relies only on 3G. She barely watches videos as it is common knowledge that videos take a long time to load especially if you're using data. Now, Airtel is promising India's fastest 4G connection.If what their ads say is true, you can download a movie via this connection in 3 minutes. I am cautiously optimistic. If this is true my WiFi deprived friend will be ecstatic.

Airtel promises speeds that almost seem to rival WiFi connections.If this is true my WiFi deprived friend will probably be one of the first people on the #GetAirtel4G bandwagon.(Apparently as they're just launching the product they're basically willing to hand it over to you for free and even deliver it to your house). 

As a person who does not own a portable laptop or iPad, unbelievable internet speeds on my phone would be the dream!What would I do with unbelievable Internet speeds at ALL times under my hood?I'd probably squeal for joy and be like a hyperactive kid on sugar for the first two/three weeks.I'd download movies,songs and stalk people on Facebook shamelessly and after the novelty wore off,I would use this same unbelievable speed to download an unbelievable amount of books. Bibliophiles are after all simple creatures. We crave the simple pleasures of life.

Apart from books, I'd use the unbelievable speed to stream and not download videos. There will finally be enough space on my phone for important things like BOOKS. My anime and TV serial obsession would be appeased and inflamed through unlimited internet access at a high speed. I might actually start sending videos on Whattapp. Hell,I'd have a fast connection so anything is possible! 

Maybe if I had unlimited high speed internet at all times, I'd finally master the art of mobile internet and update this blog via my phone more regularly. Using the Goodreads app with mobile data is already a chore but if I had an unlimited speed connection, Ah Goodreads you'd see so much more of me.

Basically, I'd become a useless member of society and my readers would love me a lot more if I had unlimited internet access. (Just Kidding!) But at-least, I'd have unlimited access to books with a snap of my fingers.

For more details on Airtel 4G go here:

Disclaimer: I am posting this as a part of the campaign.I am not an Airtel subscriber. I have not tried Airtel 4G. 

Airtel 4G campaign prompt: If you crave speed, Airtel 4G is for you. Gone will be the days of overnight movie downloads & low res video streams. What will you do with these unbelievable speeds under your hood?

What would you do with unbelievable internet speeds?


  1. Thank you for sharing about Airtel 4G. Its speed is really good.

  2. what is rate of Airtel 4G in Delhi? Please give the details of recharge offers list day wise.


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