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Blood of the White Witch Excerpt +AMAZING GIVEAWAY!

Blood of the White Witch (Of Witches and Warlocks #3)
When love came knocking on the door of novice witch, Portia Mullins, in the form of handsome bad boy, Vance Mangum, she had no idea how quickly the attraction between them would escalate. Now she finds her relationship with Vance taken to a whole new level, in a way she had never dreamed possible at this point and time of her life. Yet even as the personal connection between them explodes, the two quickly find themselves in a world of shifting balances. While searching for Vance’s missing mother, they realize they are suddenly unsure of who to trust, learning that sometimes things are not always as they appear. When Vance’s demon characteristics abruptly begin to resurface again without warning, the horrible truth comes out, crashing down upon them and shattering some of their most precious dreams. Once the deadly plan is uncovered, Portia and Vance find themselves hastily rushing against the hands of time in an attempt to stop an ancient ritual from being performed. But will they be successful before fate reaches out to twist them cruelly, possibly separating them and changing magic forever? Passion, loyalties, powers, and family ties, will all be tested when dangerous adventures abound in this third installment in the Of Witches and Warlocks series, Blood of the White Witch. (

NOTE: YOUNGER READERS STRONGLY CAUTIONED(you just have to read the excerpt to get why I'm saying that)

The jewelry Vance had given me went perfectly with everything, and I felt quite sparkly, despite the nervous butterflies in my stomach at meeting a bunch of people I had absolutely nothing in common with.
Vance stepped out of the dressing room, and I turned to look at him in the formal cut tuxedo he purchased, while he fastened his tie in the mirror over the mantle.
He was magnificent, and I couldn’t even blink, let alone look away from him. For someone who was a self-proclaimed t-shirt and jeans kind of guy, he sure could pull off the formal attire well.
After finishing with his tie, he finally turned, letting his hands drop to his side while he stopped to stare at me.
“Stunning,” was all he said, his gaze raking over me, not once but twice, his blue eyes sparking to life as if I lit a match in them.
He was over to my side in two seconds, reaching out for me, and I backed away laughing, holding him at arm’s length.
“Don’t touch me. You’ll mess me all up again,” I said, knowing he wouldn’t care in the least.
He grabbed me easily and pulled me to him up against his chest, his fresh breath floating over me as he spoke.
“I’ll be gentle. I promise,” he said, and he placed a soft kiss on my lips.
I relented under his masterful touch, wrapping my arms around his neck and really kissing him back, letting my emotion flow into him, and he did the same to me. It was a breathless, yet tender, moment.
In the end, when the kiss was over, he kept his word. I only had to retouch some makeup around my mouth.
“I guess we’ve kept the guests waiting long enough,” I said with a sigh while he watched me reapply my lip gloss in the bathroom mirror.
“We don’t know any of them,” he replied with a smile. “If it weren’t so rude to my grandparents, I’d be much more inclined to stay in here tonight with you.”
“Me too,” I added with a nod, and I turned to place my hand against the side of his handsome face.
His eyes flitted down over my features and to my neck. “I guess I should let you have the opportunity to show off your new jewelry, though,” he teased.
My hand flitted up to where the new necklace lay at my neck, and I fingered it as several thoughts ran through my head.
“What’s the matter?”
“I was just thinking about how my amulet protected me when the roof fell in at the school, but it didn’t do anything when you or Damien bit me. Why is that?” I asked him.
He let out a soft sigh and pondered this for a moment before he answered. “Things like talismans are very selective in the way they activate. It’s a magic that’s helpful, but not to be relied on heavily.” He held up the hand which had the ring my grandma sent to him. “I wear this because it’s a gift of good magic from the coven. Maybe it’ll help me someday, maybe it won’t, but what does it hurt?”
I nodded. “I remember Grandma telling me it might not do you any good since your dad’s coven had already figured out ways around charms in the past,” I replied.
“It’s very difficult for something like a charm to ward off live magic,” he said while he fingered the diamond at my neck. “Your amulet protected you from something non-magical when the explosion happened, and it may have very well played a part in you being unharmed when you were almost hit by the car.
Neither of those instances had a magical force directly behind it.”
“Oh, I see,” I said, suddenly understanding the difference in the situations I had been placed in.
“Why all the questions tonight, baby? Are you feeling nervous, under protected?” he asked while he looked at me carefully.
I laughed nervously. “No. I just feel a little naked without the amulet. I’ve worn it for so long. And I’m a little nervous about meeting a bunch of people I don’t know,” I admitted truthfully.
He reached out and stroked my face with his hand.
“Portia, you have nothing to worry about tonight,” he began. “You’ll be the most beautiful thing in the room, and the guests are sure to be mesmerized by you as much as I am. And I promise you, I won’t let any harm come to you.”
“I know you won’t,” I said, trusting him completely, staring into his blue eyes.
I held my arm out to him, and he took it, leading me out of the door and to the grand staircase. We walked carefully down, turning into one of the massive hallways, walking until we reached the doorway to the ballroom.

Now for the giveaway! 
THE AMAZING LACEY WEATHERFORD is giving away an ecopy of this book to EVERY COMMENTER!
Isn't she awesome?
All you have to do is leave a comment with your email address on this post by 9/10.
I haven't read this book yet but I loved the first book in this series The Trouble with Spells.

Guys!Don't forget to thank the awesome author...

Lacey Weatherford has always had a love of books. She wanted to become a writer
after reading her first Nancy Drew novel at the age of eight.
Lacey resides in the White Mountains of Arizona , where she lives with her wonderful husband, six beautiful children, one son-in-law, and their energetic schnauzer, Sophie. When she's not out supporting one of her kids at their sporting/music events, she spends her time writing, reading, blogging, and reviewing books.

You can contact Lacey by following her on her social medias:
Facebook Fan Page at Of Witches and Warlocks- Paranormal Book Series HTTP://


Thank you Belinda for oraganising this amazing blog tour and introducing me to this series!


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