Saturday, March 24, 2012

Favorite Teasers from The Dig

Like any well adjusted person who knows the difference between real life and fantasy,I realize that nymphs are the stuff of legend.They don't actually exist.
Maybe somebody should tell her that because she looks very real right now as the men keep swinging their clubs at her.

So this is just another day in the life of your average goddess: magical granola bar wrapper management and nymph worship.

Oh no.Did I really say something that dorky? I beg you,cheeks,please,please don't blush.I will pay you not to turn red.I will give you millions of dollars if we're ever back in the land of American currency.

She's telling me that Ares   is  her boyfriend and if I so much as ask him for directions to the dining hall,I'll face her jealous wrath.

"With power comes immortality."
"Like a vampire...."
"A what?"
"Never mind."

"Okay,don't take this the wrong way ...."
"Well,you're um,you're kind of a legendary bad guy."

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