Thursday, March 1, 2012


You might have read my post about T.V series I can't stop watching
At the time I had written the post I had not been introduced to the awesomeness that is .......

I'd heard about it but I thought it was a really SCARY and CREEPY show!
AND I'm a ...
That's right a scaredy cat!
But then .... I saw the last 15 mins of the last episode of season 1 on television....THAT'S right the one which ends with a killer cliffhanger  and the first episode of Season 2 (known as In My Time of Dying) WAS PURE AWESOME!
Be warned THIS SERIES IS SCARY and not suitable for younger teens but I love the relationship between Sam and Dean so MUCH!
SEASON 2 was so good! I'm currently on  Season 3 (so please no spoilers!)

DEAN is such an awesome character!!!!!!!!
He's also HOT
and Sam is cute too....

Sam: Kids are the best?
Dean: Yeah, I love kids.Sam: Name three children that you even know.
(Dean scratches head for while; Sam starts to walk away)
Dean: I'm thinking!

PLUS, there's a great story!
I'M ADDICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND I cannot stop watching this fan made trailer 
(WARNING: Trailer is a HOT! )



  1. LOVE SAM AND DEAN! I've only caught a few of the reruns on TNT, but I adored what I saw and really need to go back and watch from the beginning:) I hope to do that soon!

  2. This post is made of win. I love Supernatural! I am a complete Dean fangirl, it's not even funny. He is just so yummy and swoon-worthy and amazing. I have all of the complete sets of dvds for each season released so far. Yes, my obsession reaches frightening heights. <3

  3. Yep, I've been a fan of Supernatural since Season One. The acting is brilliant and the premise is pure gold. It's definitely one of those "I wish I thought of that" ideas. The drama gets a bit heavy at times (for me) but the writers are very good about breaking up the season with some humor. My favorite episodes are the ones with the trickster-god.

    1. I loved Bloody Mary in season 1 :)
      AND SEASON 2 was soooooo good!

  4. I LOVE this show, I have watched ALL seasons, and watch the reruns all the time, this last season was amazing, but wont spoil it for you, I love dean too, I remember when he was a teen, or early 20's on Days Of Our Lives, Yes, he was on a soap opera, lol, then Dark Angel with Jessica Alba (yes, I am old, you may be so young to not been old enough to watch them, lol. Look it up, you will see. Love Jensen Ackles, (Dean) His personality in this show is awesome, lol. I even got to see the Supernatural car, the 67 Impala they drive, at a car show not long ago, had the rack for the weapons, and the trunk like they have it,, all of it. Its was cool to see it.

  5. I LOVE this series! I own the first two seasons and need to get the rest. I totally got my family hooked on Supernatural. Dean is probably my favorite in the show but all of the characters are amazing. I so want to go watch Supernatural now. Hehehe... :D


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