Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Review: The Jock and The Fat Chick

The Jock and the Fat Chick

 No one ever said high school was easy. In this hilarious and heartwarming debut, one high school senior has to ask himself how much he's willing to give up in order to fit in.

Kevin seems to have it all: he's popular, good looking, and on his way to scoring a college hockey scholarship. However, he's keeping two big secrets. The first is that he failed an assignment and is now forced to take the most embarrassing course ever--domestic tech. The second is that he is falling for his domestic tech classmate, Claire.

As far as Kevin is concerned, Claire does have it all: she's funny, smart, beautiful, and confident. But she's off-limits. Because Kevin knows what happens when someone in his group dares to date a girl who isn't a cheerleader, and there's no way he is going to put himself—or Claire—through that.

But steering clear of the girl of his dreams is a lot harder than Kevin thought…especially when a cooking project they are paired together for provides the perfect opportunity for things to heat up between them outside the classroom….

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Content Warning: Activity of sexual nature is heavily implied multiple times as well as various mentions of sexual activity taking place. 

My Thoughts:

The Jock and The Fat Chick is not some complex novel with a complex and unpredictable story. It is a predictable time tested 'popular-guy-falls-for-not-so-mainstream-slightly- average- girl' fairy tale romance.But it is after all a formula that works and tugs at your heartstrings.

What makes this book stand out is the fact that it is told from the guy's point of view. At times I must admit that the voice of the character does sound a lot like a girls' but I could be imagining the same as I don't really know for a fact how guys think.

I liked how the book tried to tackle the serious problem of labeling and body shaming but failed to actually focus on the same. This book is a teenage romance novel and it is it's biggest selling point.Don't go in expecting more as you will definitely be disappointed.

I loved the cooking angle to the story and how it focuses on building up the characters. Claire is introduced as a focused individual who works towards achieving her goal and I loved how Kevin is portrayed as a sensitive jock.

I loved how the fact that guys get their heart broken too is explored in the book.These narratives are not found often.

Overall, a fun and light read perfect for fans of teen romance and those looking for a quick read.

My Rating:


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  1. It is a formula that is hard to resist sometimes. ;) Great review!


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