Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Authors from A-Z Challenge:B and C

Proud book nerd is hosting a very interesting challenge throughout the month of June and I thought I'd join in.I'm a little behind schedule.

How it works

It starts on June 1. Basically, just share your favorite authors in alphabetical order (by last name).One letter  in one post each day, going through the alphabet. (Remember to skip Sundays.)

What’s the point?

Mostly to have fun. Also, to use this as an opportunity to acquaint others with some of my favorite authors.

I know I'm joining in a little late but I guess I'll make up for it by posting on Sundays and they do say....better late than never.

So ...



Charlotte Bronte has written quite a few books but my favourite is Jane Eyre.This was one of the first classics I read and even though I did not fully comprehend the message and feelings in the book at that time I loved it.This is one classic which you shouldn't miss.
Her character Mr. Rochester is one of my favourite characters of all 

Meg Cabot is a very talented writer.All her books are fun to read even though they do not have a complicated storyline.When I am stressed or sad I grab one of her books and they bring a smile to my face.All of her books are great fun.Even if you don't use your brain while reading her books and you are in for a fun ride.

Suzanne Collins,author of the amazing Hunger Games deserves to be on the list for writing such a fast-paced and interesting dystopian novel.She introduced me to dystopia.Katniss and Peeta, the ,most dynamic couple was brought to life by this author.I was disappointed by Mockingjay but Hunger Games made my life.

Eoin Colfer brought the most cunning teenager to life.Artemis Fowl.The line 'It's good to be bad' comes to my mind when I read this book.

Cassandra Clare creator of Jace Wayland and The Mortal Instruments series.All you have to do is read this story to realise why I love her(psst: It's because she's so humorous).

So what are your favourite authors from the letter B and C? 


  1. I love Clare and Bronte. Haven't read the others. need to, though. Great choices! :-)

  2. @ham123 You need to read The Hunger Games!
    It's very good.

  3. Oh, I fully intend to. Definitely. I also have to read Twilight, Percy Jackson, Eragon, etc.


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