Friday, June 3, 2011

Look what I got......


I just came back from a fantastic vacation! London + Paris = AMAZING + Jet-lag.

Anyways I couldn't find any bookstores in London till the last day ( apparently I missed the biggest bookstore in Piccadilly Circus by millimeters)

In Paris ,on the other hand I found bookstores everywhere!Unfortunately as I am not fluent in French I couldn't buy any of them. Recognize any of the covers?

I had given up hope of finding a bookstore in London when I found..........
At the  Heathrow airport and I freaked out and bought.......

Lets see them again!!!

I have been dying to read Iron daughter for AGES and now I own it!!!!!!!!*Fangirl scream* You did check out the Iron Knight cover on the side,Right?It's nice!City Of Fallen Angels is part of the TMI series so off course I'm interested in reading it and I've heard good things about the replacement.Now excuse me while I go and fangirl all over these books. Chao :P

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