Thursday, August 23, 2012

Feed Your Reader GIVEAWAY Hop

Currently I have a LOT of giveaways going on at the blog.Feel free to check them out and enter (They're linked right at the top).YOU Don't need to be a follower to enter most of my giveaways.  

Today I have not one but TWO giveaways for you!


Two winners will win an ecopy of The Last Kiss in Venice.

Last Kiss In Venice (Legend of the White Snake #1)

 Beside a bridge over a canal in Venice, Charlie is spellbound not only by Caitlin’s absolute beauty but also by what seems like a mythical bond between them. The more he knows about her, the more mysterious she becomes. As they finally admit their love to each other in Paris, then move to settle down in Australia together, it looks like the start of Happily Ever After. But neither of them realizes that this is just the start of a heart-wrenching journey.

After a lifetime of searching, Caitlin finally finds her true love, settles down in the beautiful rolling countryside of outback Australia, and starts to raise a family, but her enemy is never far away. She loves Charlie deeply and is certain he is her soul mate, but she knows she can never reveal her secret; he must never know who she really is, and that is her downfall. Information in the hands of her enemy brings her life crashing down around her. To save all she has worked for, she must fight for her love and the right to survive.

“Last Kiss in Venice” is a reinterpretation of one of China’s most famous love stories, ‘Legend of the White Snake’. It is a supernatural love epic that encompasses both eastern and western culture to tell a story of love and hate, loyalty and betrayal, revenge and justice. This cocktail of oriental magic, vampires, and sword fights is a legend not easily forgotten.

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Three ecopies of Xor:The Shape of Darkness sent via Amazon.

Xor: The Shape of Darkness
On his twelfth birthday Lewis Nash comes home from school to find that his house has blown up to smithereens, killing his father. Having lost his mother in an accident four years earlier, Lewis realizes he is now an orphan — but he has no time to dwell on it. The moment he gets off the school bus a fearsome wolf-man tries to grab him. The boy is saved in the nick of time by Master Long, who reveals to him that he’s a Shaper from a place called Xor, which is being devoured by the Realm Pirates. Lewis learns that he must do his utmost to become the powerful Shaper he was destined to be. 

Because, it would seem, he’s the one and only chance Xor has.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Currently I have a LOT of giveaways going on at the blog.Feel free to check them out and enter (They're linked right at the top).YOU Don't need to be a follower to enter most of my giveaways.  

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