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Blog Tour: Geek Girl

 Geek Girl
"Think I could turn that boy bad?" 

My two best friends--my only two friends, really--follow my gaze and laugh. 

"Trevor Hoffman?" Beth scoffs. "No way, Jen." 

"I bet I could," I say, shrugging. 

"Why him?" Beth asks. "Why not any of the other nerds sitting there with him?" 

"Because," I say slowly, "he isn't your typical run-of-the-mill geek. Trevor Hoffman is different. He would be a little more difficult to take down--more of a challenge, you know?" 

Jen's teenage life of rebelling and sneaking out is growing stale. In an effort to combat her boredom, Jen makes a bet to turn Trevor, a nice geek, into a "bad boy." Unexpectedly, she is pulled into Trevor's world of sci-fi movies, charity work, and even--ugh!--bowling. Jen discovers that hanging out with Trevor isn't so bad after all. 
But when Trevor finds out about the wager, all bets are off.

Source: ARC via Netgalley(Thank you Cedar Fort!!)

My Thoughts: If you're looking for a fun,light and a cute read this book is perfect for you!

Geek girl is a little predictable but the protagonist's sarcasm makes up for the not-so-new-story.I liked Jen.She's been through a lot and I could sympathize with her.I loved it when she was jealous around Trevor!

I really liked Trevor too! For some reason nice guys leave a good impression on me and I can swoon over them easily! I loved the fact that he was such a polite,honest and patient guy.I really hope there's a guy like Trevor around in the real world.I really won't mind if he's a geek too!

Now the positive's .....The special focus on family ,the fact that  this book is not part of a series(YAY!) and the cute moments between Trevor and Jennifer!

I think the only major drawback of this book is the fact that it's fairly predictable and you know how it's going to end before you even finish it.

Overall,even though there were parts when I was a little frustrated with where the story was going,the cute characters really helped me to enjoy this book! Read this one for the characters!

My Rating:                                                              3.5/5
Fun,Light Read

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this review, and for being part of the blog tour!

  2. I loved Geek Girl. CIndy is one of my new fave authors!

  3. I loved Geek Girl. I love watching change in the one who intended to change another. There is a linky for this one if you would like to add a direct link to your Geek Girl review below my review.

  4. This sounds really cute! I hadn't heard of it before, but I love geeky boys, so I think I'll be a fan of Trevor. I don't mind some predictability in my stories, sometimes it's kind of nice to know where things are headed even if it's not going to leave you gasping for breathe at the emotional intensity of it all. Awesome review!

  5. Thank so much for sharing this book. It wasn’t on my radar but it definitely is now! I am in great need of a good first love story. I wish I could pick this book up right now!

  6. Thanks for the review.. I'm thinking of giving this book a shot, I'm a sucker for love stories, :)

  7. Just downloaded this off Netgallery.. heard some pretty good things about it so looking forward to it :)
    Great review! :)

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