Friday, February 3, 2012

T.V series I can't stop watching

Random Posts are VERY addictive ... SO I'm writing about T.V series I can't stop watching ... TODAY!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! I Love it with my heart and soul !! I LOVE IT!!
BOOTH is sooooooooooo cute!!! and Brennan EEEEEEEEEEEEPPPP!!! LOVE HER ...LOVE HER LOVE HER!!

God... BIG BANG THEORY IS SO FUNNY!! Sheldon Cooper is Amazing!! Like I can't-imagine-why-they-haven't-killed-him amazing!

Kate Beckett is amazing!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!! Season 4 First episode and Season 3 last episode was epic!! EPIC!

Honorable Mentions
In Plain Sight.I've just started this one and so far I'm loving Marshall and I like the fact that the main character is a little weird!

Gossip Girl. I don't really follow this one but I've seen a lot of episodes of Season 4 and they were awesome!!! AMAZING and me likes Blair and Chuck!!! I think I might really become a major fan if I start following it!
Pretty Little Liars. This show is addictive! I've seen the first twelve and as soon as I've caught up with Bones .... THIS is the show I'll be watching :)

I also watch How I Met Your Mother and Scrubs sometimes (Ok ,I watch How I met Your Mother whenever I can cause of Ted... he's soo cute :)

WHAT T.V. show are you addicted to??


  1. I'm a fan of Big Bang Theory, Castle and Pretty little Liars too! But Supernatural is my big weakness (in so many ways...) I also like The Good Wife, Vampire Diaries and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Being Human (Both the American version and the BBC)

    1. OMG! I recently started watching SUPERNATURAL and it has blown my mind,,,

  2. I have so many favorite shows I think there is at least one per day lol. House, Alcatrez, PLL, The Lying Game is on Monday. New Girl, White Collar, Justified is on Tuesday. Revenge on Wednesday. Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle on Thursday. Grim on Friday. Once Upon A Time on Sunday. That's just the shows on now lol. Thank goodness for DVR lol.

  3. The Big Bang Theory is my all-time favorite show, followed by House and Supernatural! I also happen to love Phineas and Ferb :)

    1. I started supernatural recently! IT'S SOOO GOOD!!!

      You on any team??


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