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Review: Freshman Year & Other Unnatural Disasters

Freshman Year & Other Unnatural Disasters
Laugh-out-loud funny high school drama - perfect for fans of Lauren Myracle and Meg Cabot
Let's say you're fourteen and live in New York City. You'd think your life would be like a glamorous TV show, right? And yet . . . You don't have a checking account, much less a personal Black American Express card. You've never been to a club, and the only couture in your closet is a Halloween costume your mom made from an old laundry bag.
In other words? You're Kelsey Finkelstein - fourteen and frustrated. Every time she tries to live up to her awesome potential, her plans are foiled. Kelsey wants to rebrand herself for high school to make the kind of mark she knows is her destiny. But just because Kelsey has a plan for greatness . . . it doesn't mean the rest of the world is in on it.
Kelsey's hilarious commentary and sardonic narration of her freshman year will have readers laughing out loud - while being thankful that they're not in her shoes, of course.
Source:Publisher for Review
My Thoughts:
Kelsey's plan is to reinvent herself  in high school but we all know that plans don't  always work out the way we want them to!
"Anyway,I've decided to something this year.To make a mark.Stand out.Revamp myself for a new era.You know,like Lindsay Lohan."    "You want to go to jail?" Cass asks,looking perplexed.
-Page 7.ARC

I'll be honest I hadn't expected much from this book and I was really surprised by how much this book made me smile .Even though this book doesn't have a too much of a story ,you still feel the urge to follow Kelsey's journey till the very end.
I really liked Kelsey.She's not perfect and she's not irritating.She's normal.I could almost imagine her to be one of my friends as I've met lots of people like her. She's real and I loved her way of looking at things  and  of exaggerating little problems. I really enjoyed  the scenes in which she interacted with her mother. Kelsey's commentary had me rolling with laughter throughout the entire book and I think that's what makes this book work!
I absolutely loved how the dialogue flows and I had a hard time believing that this  is written by  a debutante author.It wasn't an edge of the seat page turner  but I wanted to keep reading this book!
Only the last three chapters were a little disappointing for me as I felt that the book could have been wrapped up in a much better way.The ending seemed a little abrupt and rushed.
Overall,this is a story which you can read while relaxing or chilling out and it doesn't require you to use your brain too much.If you're looking for a nice,fun,light contemporary novel ...This book is perfect for you!
My Rating:
Great Fun!


  1. It seems like a lot have loved this more than they were expecting. I hadn't even looked twice at it before I saw all the reviews popping up. Now I really want to read it it sounds wonderful and well written. Too bad the ending wasn't more satisfying though. Awesome review!

  2. YAY so glad to hear you enjoyed this one! It sounds like soooooooo much fun!!! I am definitely adding it to my tbr list! Great review :)


  3. Though the ending's a bit rushed, this one sounds really cute! I love a fun read filled with witty humor and great dialogue. Might have to check this one out!


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