Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Thoughts on The Hunger Games(Movie)

So I finally saw The Hunger Games....

I will say that my expectations were SKY HIGH !
Like Really HIGH!
So I was a little disappointed ....but the movie was very faithful to the book and Jennifer Lawrence was AMAZING as Katniss (That girl can act!)

Isabelle Fuhrman

  • I  loved the scenes that were not originally part of the book (Eg.Seneca Crane and President Snow talking,The Gamechangers controlling the game..)
  • I  really liked the way they showed Katniss's hallucinations 
  • I absolutely loved how Seneca and President Snow were portrayed! Their presence was felt.I didn't really feel their presence in the first book.
  • Haymitch was a great surprise in the movie.I hated Haymitch in the book but I really liked him in the movie ...I never saw what he did in that way and I loved him!
  • Isabelle Fuhrman who played Clove in the movie .She had a small role but I thought she was perfect!!! (I was convinced she was Foxface for a long time.... )
  • The scene in which Katniss says "Thank you for your consideration" Just like I imagined  
  • The District 11 scene.LOVE!
  • The technology of the Capitol was very impressive .Loved seeing the gadgets.
  • *SPOILER for movie* I loved the way they showed Seneca being offered the berries at the end it was the most awesome scene ever! *SPOILER FOR MOVIE ENDS*

  • “One more time? For the audience?" he says. His voice isn't angry. It's hollow, which is worse. Already the boy with the bread is slipping away from me. 
    I take his hand, holding on tightly, preparing for the cameras, and dreading the moment when I will finally have to let go.”   Remember this line and the conversation before that? It isn't there in the movie and before you start saying that it's an insignificant detail let me tell you why it's not. I saw the movie with a person who hasn't read the book and at the end of the movie she was convinced that Peeta and Katniss were together because It wasn't mentioned anywhere that she was acting like she was in love with Peeta in the arena and at the end there's nothing that points towards the fact that they aren't in love with each other and that they aren't together.
    (her argument) This totally changes the entire ending of the book and I'm pretty annoyed about this.Maybe this will be explained in the next movie?
  • I like Josh Hutcherson I really do but I couldn't really connect with the Peeta onscreen.This had nothing to do with his acting but everything to do with the cave scene ... it was well done but there was something missing.I fell in love with Peeta after the cave scene in the book and sadly I just thought that the movie didn't do it as well ...
  • The cornucopia.That's all I'm going to say.
  • I felt that at some points the games were a little rushed and the build up to the games was dragging a "little" bit.I think some scenes needed a little more time in the games (Eg.cave scene and Rue..)
  • Cinna.I don't have a problem with the actor.The actor was fine I had a problem with the fact that he looked too normal.I loved the rapport that he had with Katniss but the Cinna in the book I'm pretty sure would not be wearing normal clothes jeans or trousers .
Overall, the movie leaves a lasting impression(JUST LIKE THE BOOK ) and I  will most probably love it much more once I watch it again.

*This post has not been checked for grammatical errors and has been written really quickly so don't mind the errors :)


  1. RIGHT? This movie was freaking EPIC! I loved everything about it! I also loved her hallucinations it was well done. And district 11 = such a great scene.

  2. The movie was great! I can't help laugh... Cornucopia? I mean it was not what I imagine it would be lol

    I had the chance to watch it in advance... my thoughts here

    We Fancy Books

  3. I totally agree with you!n The movies was awsome. I loved it. My heart was beating like crazy when I sat in the cinema with my friends and I realised, shit, this is the movie, I wonder how it's goin to turn out to be. Dissapointment? Or a succes? Fun to read about your opinions XD

  4. I didn`t like the first part of the movie, just something wasn`t really right there. BUT the part from where The Games start- DA BEST :D


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