Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Once Upon A Readathon Update + Mini Challenge

So I had signed up for Once Upon A Readathon 

Unfortunately this week has been really hectic for me so I've only managed to read one book so far and that is
I'd actually started this before the readathon but I've read about 270 pages as part of the readathon. I'm planning on starting and getting midway through 
before the day gets over...So wish me luck!


What is your most anticipated book for 2012?
It's a tie between Undeadly ,Onyx and Foretold.
Undeadly comes out Nov.
Onyx and Foretold come out August.

Once upon a time there was a bookish fight…

As the story teller, I now want you to tell me which two characters are fighting and WHY! If you want to, you’re also more than welcome to guess the outcome. ;)
Once upon a time Bellatrix and Myrnin were having a fight over who was more mentally unstable.Bellatrix pointed out that she laughed when people cried and loved torturing little girls and boys.Myrnin countered that he loved driving his  food   little slave girl up the wall and threatened her continuously.(Bellatrix is annoyed about this as she doesn't have the patience to threaten people she just kills them ) .I think it's going to be a tie between them...


  1. I wish I had time to do these Read-a-thons too... :)
    Is the Palace of Illusions any good? The cover is pretty...
    Have fun with your Read-a-thon!

    1. Palace Of Illusions was very good! I really liked it :)


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