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Release Event : Until I Break by M. Leighton + GIVEAWAY!


Until I Break
 Laura Drake is an author.  She writes bestselling paranormal romances that continue to top the charts.  She is sharp.  She is confident.  She is in control. 

And she doesn’t exist.

Samantha Jansen is the woman behind the wig, the woman most of the world doesn’t know exists.  She is shy.  She is insecure.  She is nothing like her main character or her alter ego.  She is scarred—deeply scarred—by a past she can’t let go of and a present she can’t make peace with.
Samantha’s dreams are consumed by one man, the broken hero from her books.  Mason Strait is both her wildest fantasy and her most terrifying nightmare. 

When Samantha meets Alec Brand, a corporate consultant, it is as though Mason has come to life.  Alec is handsome to a fault, as elegant as he is arrogant, and more intense than any man has a right to be.
Samantha is soon sucked into a world that mirrors the fiction she writes.  Just like her main character, Daire Kirby, Samantha finds herself unable to resist the forbidden lure of Alec.  And just like Daire, she also finds that she is faced with taking a chance on a man who could either set her free or destroy her.

The scale tilts toward destruction when Samantha finds out that Alec is as much a work of fiction as Mason.  And he has scars of his own, scars that could ruin them both.

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“Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod!” she hisses through lips that move very little.  “Here he comes!”

I don’t move. Not a single muscle.  I just stare into Chris’s wide eyes until a shape appears at my right.  Slowly, I turn my head and look up, falling headlong into the most amazing eyes I’ve ever seen in real life.  I see them in my head all the time.  And I saw them from somewhat of a distance.  But no amount of exposure could’ve prepared me for the reality of them up close.  They’re like drops of cool lime with a splash of warm cream.

He glances away from me and nods to Chris before his eyes return to mine.  He tilts his head slightly to the side as he considers me.  Still, he hasn’t said a word.  Still, my pulse is racing out of control.

“Can we help you?” Chris says from across the table. I can hear the smile in her voice.
He doesn’t answer for several long seconds.

“I know you.” It’s a statement, not a question.

A voice inside my head, one that I only listen to when I’m writing, cries out emphatically.  Yes, yes, yes!  You know me inside and out!  Just like I know you.

But I shush her.  He doesn’t know me.  He couldn’t possibly.  And I couldn’t possibly know him.  Even though he looks and, thus far, acts exactly like the man that arose from the core of my imagination, from my darkest desires and deepest fears, I can’t let myself forget that he’s not Mason Strait.

“No,” I reply.

He falls silent again, his continued perusal making me increasingly breathless.  Finally his eyes narrow on me.  “I want to.”

“This really isn’t necessary, you know.”

“What isn’t necessary?”

“Knowing every detail of each other’s life.  I already know everything I need to know about you for what I have in mind.  I don’t want you to be confused about what’s going to happen between us.”  Although I’m disappointed that he doesn’t want to know me and doesn’t want me to know him, it’s almost immediately dashed when he takes a step toward me.  “The things I’m going to do to you, the things I’m going to show you have nothing to do with your job or your family or where you spend your time.  It’s just about you.  And me.  And all the pleasure we can give each other.”

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, M. Leighton lives in the deep South with her super-hero husband and super-smart malti-poo.  She has a fondness for coffee and chocolate, loves the color red, laughs at almost anything and often stares out her window, daydreaming of far-away places.

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It's not available on Flipkart or Book Depository yet but I'm pretty sure it's up on Amazon UK as well. So you can check it out :)

I enjoyed M.Leighton's Down To You and this one looks good as well! 

(1) e-copy of UNTIL I BREAK. eBook will be gifted from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Open International.

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  1. I like the excerpt. It makes me want to know more about these characters. Thanks!

  2. Sounds awesome! It's a cool idea--a writer meeting her character (sort of) in real life...almost like that Will Farrell movie, Stranger than Fiction. Love that movie too:)

  3. Such a great excerpt. I could totally picture this.


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