Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Giveaway(INT):The Keepers


The author Monique James has generously provided us
 a copy of her book  
in .pdf format to giveaway! 

Jess denies God.  In his infinite wisdom, he’s taken everyone she’s 
ever loved. Moving to the French Quarter was a ploy to erase the guilt
she felt for rebuking her faith.  Perhaps, if she hadn’t met Justin,
an angel preoccupied with getting back into God’s good graces, and
drowning in his hatred for humanity, her plan would have worked. 

Justin’s general disdain for the human race makes him difficult to
like, but some higher power has appointed him her keeper.  Justin’s
convinced he can mend her broken relationship with her maker, but in
the process he learns a thing or two about his own humanity. 

Never mind, falling in love, that’s not supposed to happen.  In fact,
it may even be forbidden. Jess just wants Justin to understand her
plight, and he wants to protect her from a world she doesn’t know. 

If neither is equipped to save the other, then whose soul lives and
whose will perish?
  1. Contest ends 6/30.
  2. You have to fill in the form given below
  3. If you win,you must reply to an email sent by me in 48 hours.
  4. You DO NOT need to be a follower to enter!
  5. Giveaway is international!
  6. You need to be 13 or above to win(or have parental consent)
About the author

Monique is the mother of two beautiful children and lives in a small community outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She currently works full time as an insurance agent, but her favorite jobs are mother, wife, and author.
On her eighth birthday, her mother bought her a journal and said "write whatever you want, just write". And so, a love affair with words was born.  She wrote poetry and short stories in high school and college, until 1993 when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.
After her mother's death in 1998, deep in depression, she found herself unable to write.  Nine years passed, and only on rare occasion did she attempt to write. 
Finally, in 2007, under the urging of friends, she sat down and pecked out her first novel.  It was raw and unpolished, but the process had been unquestionably cathartic. The next three years were spent filling her hard drive with seven complete manuscripts.
At the beginning of 2011, Monique decided it was time to edit the work and share it  with the world.  She hopes you enjoy the ramblings of a truly southern girl raised in a state rich with heritage and love.

You can find her on 

Twitter:               mjames13
Wordpress:         www.moniquejames.wordpress.com
Website:             www.moniqueoconnorjames.com


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