Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm semi-grounded

Ok guys,
In the month of October my access to my laptop and kindle is going to be very limited.

How it affects blog readers:
It doesn't!
I HAVE LOADS of posts scheduled and blog tours scheduled too.
Winners of competitions will just have to try to reply to the emails I send ASAP otherwise it might take some time for me to get back to you.

Some of the exciting stuff coming up this month...

  • Reviews of books by Jana Oliver (my feature for this month)
  • Guest Post plus GIVEAWAY of The Serpent's Ring
  • Book Blast on October 2
  • Crash blog tour on October 2
  • Valkyrie Rising blog tour PLUS Giveaway
  • Review of Toxic and some stuff for Giveaway
  • Some more reviews and meme's of course
Basically you shouldn't notice a difference :P

How it affects my commenters:

Don't worry I'll read your comments and reply back to any queries you have.It just might take a little while to do so.I LOVE COMMENTS so don't think I'm ignoring your comments.
As I'm not going to have access to laptops I'll not be able to comment back (something I LOVE doing !) immediately.You're most probably going to get loads of comments on different posts on the same days (I'm looking at you bloggers I stalk :P)

How it affects blog tours I've signed on for
IT doesn't .
Unless and until you send me information at the last minute. Almost all my blog tours are already scheduled.So you don't need to worry. If I'm having a problem participating in the blog tour I'll email you in advance.So you don't need to worry.

How it affects you if you've sent me a book for review

If you've sent me an ebook and I haven't read it yet (you can check on goodreads) It will take me a long time to read and review your book as my kindle is on lockdown .I'M very sorry but there's nothing I can do.

If you've sent me a physical copy or ARC  you don't need to worry! As soon as I finish reading your book (which should be pretty soon as I'll have very few distractions ) I'll schedule a review for it.So you won't be affected in any way.

I will check my email ,once a week.Most probably on Sunday only for the following month.I'll try to check it more often but I can't make any promises.So if I don't reply for a few days you know why.

I'M STILL ACCEPTING REVIEW REQUESTS but it will take me some time to reply to your emails.
I'll not be accepting any ebooks for review unless and untill I have featured them on my to read list on Goodreads,dying to read list or featured them on Waiting on Wednesday .
There is no such restriction on physical copies for review.



  1. Well shucks. But I'll still be stopping by as I have time!

  2. So sorry about the grounding. I remember those days. Suck, suck, sucks!

  3. I am still amazed at how much brilliant content you have posted up here on your blog, even though you were "semi-grounded" and had less time online. I am loving all the interviews and the fantastic book reviews, hence why i personally have not noticed a slip in your hight standards! Thank you for your amazing book blog. x


Please leave a comment and your blog link(if you have one).I LOVE comments!! I read all the comments on my blog and will try to pay a visit to your blog :D


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