Thursday, October 11, 2012

New TV seasons I'm dying to watch!

So there are quite a few NEW seasons coming up this year and I decided to do a post on it.
KEEP in mind that I haven't seen these episodes yet so lets keep the comments SPOILER FREE please!

This post is not for BRAND new shows.I'll do a post on that later...(Maybe!)

New T.V. Seasons I'm dying to watch!

(in no particular order)

Castle Season 5

Did you see the SEASON 4 finale?? DID YOU??? I'm waiting to watch this with my friend (she's got it on her computer)

Merlin Series 5

I need Arthur to find out Merlin's secret!! Even if he doesn't I'll watch this for Arthur ,Merlin and the Knights!!!


Supernatural Season 8

I'm still on Season 6 but I LOVE SAM & DEAN so much that I can't resist adding this to my list

Awkward Season 2

I love Jenna! I know it's been on air for sometime but I haven't been able to see any season 2 episode yet so it's on my list! Team Jake FTW!!

Once Upon A Time Season 2
I'm still on Season 1 but so far it's awesome so I cannot wait to watch season  2 as well!

How I Met Your Mother Season 8

Did you see the SEASON 7 FINALE???? Do you still need to ask me why it's on my list?? Well... Ted .Barney,Lily ,Robin and Marshall are reason enough for me!!

Bones Season 8


Dexter Season 7

I'd stopped watching it but after seeing the season 6 finale ... I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

Love the song in the trailer too!

New Girl Season 2

Love Jess and the guys!

The Big Bang Theory 

SHELDON! that is all...

Grey's Anatomy Season 9
I'm actually at season 2 but I saw parts of season 8 on TV and it looks good..

LOVE George and Izzie and Christina. The actress who plays Meredith and Meredith not so much.

Honorable mentions:
Vampire Diaries Season 4
So I don't follow Vampire Diaries but whenever I do switch it on it keeps me hooked! PLUS I need to see IAN(a.k.a Damon) 

Also, I hear Elena turns into a vampire or is that Katherine? 


  1. Oh I am so dying to watch Merlin! I hope Arthur finds out soon, I can't wait to see his reaction. He and Merlin are just so cute. Plus OMG Arthur and Gwen! LOVE THEM:D

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

  2. You are I are TV soul sisters, I think. Well, mostly. Here is my list from your list of the ones that I am going crazy to read. (Did that make any sense at all?)

    *Grey's- must admit to being disappointed so far and I hate it. I have watched from the beginning and I can't stand that it seems to be falling apart.

    *Big Bang- one of the absolute best and definitely one of the funniest shows on tv. anytime it is on, I watch.

    *New Girl- also one of the best and funniest shows on tv. Jess is hilarious! It is so funny the difference between her and her sister in....

    *Bones- Love the sisters. One of the best shows period. I love it. So glad that booth and bones are finally frickin together and have a little cutie pie together.


    *Once Upon a Time- I am so head over heels for this show. I love every single minute of it.

    Just to throw it out there for you, since we seem to have the same taste. Here are a few shows that are new (and some old that I am love)that are totally awesome that you might just like

    *Modern Family (another one of the funniest EVER)
    *Parenthood (funny, heartwarming, AMAZING)
    *Raising Hope (too stinkin cute and very funny)
    *Happy Endings (another one of the funniest on tv- AH-MAZING)
    *Mike and Molly (cute as can be)
    *2 Broke Girls (one of the funniest on tv)
    *Suburgatory (one of my faves)
    *Smash (dorky but nice)

    New this season:
    *The New Normal (makes me laugh so very much)
    *The Mindy Project (absolutely hilarious. Mindy is a genius)
    *Ben and Kate (funny and love the actors)
    *Guys With Kids (has possibilities)

    Hope you have a fantastic fall tv season!

  3. I am such a HUGE fan of Merlin (the BBC drama) and really love watching it every week!! Merlin is so endearing i feel like i want to give him a hug all the time, and despite his stupidness he is extremely clever unknown to is just fantastic sword and sorcery.
    I also LOVE Once Upon A Time!!! It is amazing and i commend whoever thought up the storyline, for it is so clever, inspired and ingenious. I love how they twist the fairytales so that you are left guessing constantly! It is amazing and i cannot wait to find out what happens to Snow's daughter and Regina etc.


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