Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blogoversary and some changes!


If you follow me on twitter you might have seen this message 

So If you want to donate or contribute for my 2nd blogoversary celebrations . Don't hesitate to email me at 

youngreadersathome AT gmail DOT com

Now, Lets get down to business. My book blog is TWO years old!


I had originally started blogging and called my blog krazzyme-krool in 2009 but I had thought about writing a personal blog. That WAS a disaster. I blogged once in 6 months I think but then I decided to do something different....

I joined Goodreads and THAT opened up a whole new world of possibilities. 
At first I used to use the goodreads template on my blog and my focus was on Goodreads and not my blog because nobody knew about my blog.

My FIRST review on the blog  was in my opinion pretty bad :P

People actually started discovering my blog slowly. Meme's like Waiting on Wednesday and my first giveaway hop through I Am A Reader really helped me to get my blog out there.

The fact that I managed to last two years still manages to surprise me.

This is all thanks to you guys! I LOVE YOU ALL . Your support has helped me to keep blogging for so long

 ALL you lovely shameless peeps who're all WHERE'S the giveaway? Well, the giveaways ( THAT'S Right PLURAL!) will be up as part of an EVENT.....

So keep your eyes posted for THAT!


First of all I joined Formspring...

Basically if you want to ask me something you can do so now :)
I WILL not be answering some questions that will lead creepy people on the internet to find out my identity or where I live so please try to refrain from asking questions regarding that .

I'm going to start a few new features... 
I already started one , it's called Draw Out Your Wallets
Another one I am going to start is Classic Thursday ( name might change) in which I will review classics.

In my other feature Try Something New , I post about stuff outside of bookish happenings like music, movies etc. Basically I'll tell you about interesting new things. Some might not be new to you but you get the gist.


I'm now open to ORGANIZING blog tours. If you want me to organize a blog tour for you, please email me. Please keep in mind that I will CHOOSE the books that I will be willing to organize a blog tour for as I will not be receiving any compensation for organizing these blog tours. 

Want to receive information regarding tours I will organize. FILL IN THE FOLLOWING FORM

I finally bit the bullet and became an affiliate of Flipkart and Amazon.
This means that if you buy anything via links on this site . I will get a percentage of the amount you spent on the product . YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED extra for this.All the money I make via this programme will be used to sponsor giveaways!

As soon as I manage to make $10 or Rs. 300 I WILL HOLD A GIVEAWAY! 

Recently I haven't been posting much. That is because my exams were going on  but now that they're over I'll be posting more . THANK YOU ALL for hanging in there with me!

LET me say this one more time 


  1. Yay--happy blogoversary!! (You know, two years is like ten in blog years...)

  2. Happy two year blogoversary!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! That's super exciting, and I'm greatly looking forward to following your blog for hopefully another 2:)

  3. Yay congratulations on your blogoversary! Two years is an awesome accomplishment! I can't wait to see all your new ideas and plans in place! :)

  4. Oh I would love to follow your twitter.

  5. Happy Blogoversary!

    I'm the same as you. When i first started my blog, I made it a personal blog because I thought that that's what blogs were for at the time, which was back in 2008 or 9 (I don't remember exactly) and I only blogged every few months, and then in 2010 I saw some book blogs and I started to realize that you can blog about anything, then in summer 2011 I decided to finally decided to change the name of my blog and blog about books. Amazing how a change of topic can improve something so much and make it a lot more fun.

    -Nazish @ Nazish Reads


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