Friday, April 19, 2013

A post on music

So, I found out about an event that's taking place. As part of the event the organizers were asking the participants to blog about their favorite artists,songs and the role music has played in their lives.

The topic really sparked my interest and I wanted to write about it!

I LOVE listening to music. Music is an integral part of my life. Most days I can be found roaming around with my ipod jamming to my songs.

I COULDN'T RESIST , I love this picture!

Music calms me and helps me to focus.Even when I can't get my hands on any electronics to listen to some music , I start humming and singing on my own.The beats, the rhythm , the vocals and the talent continues to amaze me.When I'm tense or worried I just put on some music and it just washes away my worries and proves to be more therapeutic to me than meditation at times.

Language is no bar for music. Sometimes, I've been obsessed with songs whose lyrics I can't even understand. I cannot imagine a life without music. I think it would be a very sad day when there is no more music in the world.

Let's hope that day never comes because if it does I might not be able to retain my sanity.

One Artist that you need to listen to
Florence and the Machine. Her voice is magical.

The songs above are two of my favorites. I like more songs by her. Seven Devils, Shake it off , Breath of Life are some other songs you can check out.

Song I'm currently obsessed with 

Imagine Dragons-Round and Round

Song by a famous music director very few people have heard of

A.R. Rahman composed the soundtrack for a lot of movies but I love this song.
It's called Dil Gira Dafatan and it was in a movie called Delhi 6

Some of my other favorites can be found on the left sidebar under songs I'm listening to.I can't list all of course otherwise this post will never end.

Thanks HP Connected Music India for giving me a push for writing this post. I hope the event is a huge success.


  1. First of all, that dog picture is TOO adorable! And basically I love everything about this post. Music is one of the few things I really don't think I could live without. I completely agree that there is no language barrier when it comes to music. I only speak English, but I will listen to any kind of music. I love Spanish pop music, Indian music (love, love Indian music!), Persian music, basically if its got a beat of some sort I'll listen to it. Great post :)

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

  2. Holy cow, I ADORE Florence & her crazy-awesome Machine!! OHH! And Imagine Dragons!! SO FABULOUS!!

    I love how music just works and makes life so much BETTER!

  3. I also love music! Florence & the Machine is amazing! I have not heard the others, but I listen to all sorts of music so I am def interested in giving them a try. I feel like music is my energizer! It pumps me up and gets me through a lot! Thank you for sharing this post (:!

  4. All of those songs are awesome! I had never heard of any of them, but so glad that I have now. I am a huge music lover, but I listen to a lot of older stuff, so a lot of the newer stuff is unknown to me. It is songs like these that make me realize I should try to keep up with some of the new stuff, like F & TM's Shake it Out and Adelle, because darn it is so good!


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