Friday, December 30, 2011

Cover Alert! + The Hunger Games Soundtrack News

Some Recent (and maybe not so Recent ) Covers  I've seen around the Net....

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When I first found out that Taylor Swift is singing for the soundtrack I was like...HELL NO! I like her but.....for The Hunger Games I wanted someone else.After listening to this song...I take EVERYTHING back.It's perfect!!!  

I'd love to hear your thoughts! On the song and the covers! 
PSSST...Tell me if I missed any new covers!


  1. Before I Wake look so pretty! Love the cover! And oh, the Hourglass covers are just so.... trippy haha. All of these are so gorgeous! Love the tone of Chosen Ones and Bitterblue... AGHH. I need to read Fire asap, because I LOVED Gracling!

    Totally agree about THG. I saw it first released and thought "Taylor Swift? For The Hunger Games? No no no!" Then I listed and oh, how I adore it so much!! So beautiful and fitting for the story <3

  2. PRETTY! All of those are gorgeous, I love all the Soul Screamers books:) And the Taylor Swift song I think is perfect! Normally I see her as the happy, peppy type of girl, but I like the sad quality to this one, it's definitely fitting.

  3. I love all the covers especially Before I Wake! And of course I loved the track Safe & Sound. I'm not a huge Taylor Swift fan but she and The Civil Wars nailed the song. It's beautiful and completely different to Swift's other stuff.


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