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Review: The Dig

Zoe Calder has always been an outsider. Stashed away in boarding schools since her parents died, Zoe buries herself in the study of ancient worlds. Her greatest thrill is spending her summers with her archeologist aunt and uncle on digs around the world. And one day, while investigating a newly unearthed temple in Crete, Zoe discovers a luminous artifact that transports her to ancient Greece. 

As Zoe quickly learns, the Olympian Gods are real, living people—humans with mysterious powers… Powers that Zoe quickly realizes she has come to possess, as well. However, when the people of ancient Greece mistake Zoe for an Olympian, the Gods must restore the balance of the ancient world… No matter what. 

Zoe is forced to play a confusing and dangerous game as Hera rallies the gods against her—all except for Zeus, the beautiful, winged young god who risks everything to save her. 

Out of time and out of her element, teenager Zoe Calder finds herself in ancient Greece, battling against the power of the Olympians and the vengeance of a scorned goddess—all for the strange and mysterious boy she has come to love.

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My Thoughts:
This book really surprised me. I didn't expect it to be that good and I'd never heard of it.By the end of the very first chapter ,I was hooked! 

I have to say I really enjoyed this book  because of the main character i.e Zoe. I love this girl! I could relate to her ,I didn't want to kill her and I didn't think she did anything really stupid in this entire book!
I was snorting and smiling throughout the book because of this lovely character! You know how some characters just click with you? Zoe really clicked with me.

My favorite scenes and lines  are those in which Zoe tries to convince herself that she isn't really in Ancient Greece.They're so refreshing! Usually the main character believes the unbelievable far too quickly for my taste. Let me give you an example.....

Bella finds out Edward is a vampire......  She tries to be rational and thinks that he can't be a vampire for one page tops....then *bam* off course he's a vampire ...Even though he hasn't shown off any supernatural skills!

Zoe,thankfully is a very rational person and it takes her  an acceptable amount of time to believe that she's in ancient Greece and then like any normal person she goes into full freak out mode.

I really enjoyed the story too.There were twists and turns and even though some people might have been able to predict the ending,I was quite surprised.I'm also a huge Greek mythology fan and even though I would have loved it if there was more of  Greek mythology,I enjoyed how the author tried to add her own twist to mythology by trying to compare the gods to the cliques in high school.

My only wish is the fact that I'd have liked to find out a little bit more about Zeus.I didn't get to know as much as I wanted  about his personality and what makes him so amazing.I couldn't really connect with him.I think this wish will be fulfilled in the sequel,A book I can't wait to get my hands on!

Overall,a fun and entertaining read that will appeal to fans of Greek mythology and normal heroines .

My Rating:4/5

Enjoyed this one!


  1. This sounds really great! I'm a mythology fan, so this is totally up my alley. Thanks for reviewing it -- I've never heard of it before!

  2. Wow this sounds really good I've been seeing it quite a bit lately around the blogs it's definitely piqued my interest! Awesome review my dear!

    Xpresso Reads

  3. I like how you said, "she didn't do anything REALLY stupid" LoL! Have you given up on the protagonists?

    Nice review.

    Magical Urban Fantasy Reads

  4. Oh my gosh! I HAVE to read this book! If you weren't expecting to like it and loved it, think how much I will love it when I'm expecting to like it!! (That actually makes sense in a weird way!) Thanks so much for the awesome review and for making me want to read this book even more than I did before, which was a lot!!!
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  5. Sounds like a fun read. I have seen this around but didn't realize it was about Greek mythology which I love! Also glad to know that Zoe was an awesome and likable character. I'll be adding it TBR.

  6. I have been really looking forward to this book I love Greek Mythology!

  7. LOL glad to hear you didn't want to kill Zoe! She sounds like a really fun, relatable character and I'm so intrigued by any book that has greek mythology elements. Great review!

  8. This book looks so good! I've heard so many things about it and I cannot wait to get my hands on it! I really enjoyed reading your review!

  9. Sounds like a good read. I hadn't heard of this before. I will have to keep an eye out for it. Thanks for the great review.
    -FABR Steph@FiveAlarmBookReviews

  10. I really want to read The Dig. As soon as I first heard of it I immediately put it in my TBR pile. I am very excited more books are being written based off of mythology and Greek mythology is my favorite. The Dig is concentrated on Zeus and even though he is the God of Gods this is the first book I have heard of to have him as a main character and I definitely like that. I am glad you thought Zoe was easy to relate to I love those types of girls that don't do stupid things and are smart and just the types you could actually be friends with. I can't wait to read The Dig and it's a trilogy which makes me happy because I know I will love this one.

  11. I had actually not heard of this one before it all of a sudden started popping up on various blogs. To be honest yours is the first review I have actually read about it. I had kind of dismissed it as a not my type book, but you have made it sound really good. Thanks!

  12. I've never heard of The Dig- thanks for reviewing it! I love how Greek mythology is at the foundation of the book. Ever since I read Tera Lynn Child's "Oh. My. Gods." series, I became fascinated with the themes in mythology :)

    ~ Lecea

  13. This book sounds really good. I've always loved Greek Mythology. Like Josephine Angelini's series, they are really good. You're review was really great, thanks :)

  14. +JMJ+

    I really love Greek mythology, too, but I don't always enjoy different authors' takes on it. Based on your description of The Dig, I think I'll give it a pass. Thanks for the review, though. =)

  15. I have never heard of this one, and I honestly would probably never have picked it up if I saw it on a shelf because the cover is a little fru-fru for my taste. Pretty, but fru-fru. I SERIOUSLY have GOT to STOP judging books by their covers. It sounds like I would have missed out on a great book. I love mythology of an kind, especially Greek mythology. And it sounds like there is actually a smart little gal in this book. So, I am heading over to Goodreads to add this one to the TBR. Thanks for reviewing another (hopefully, for me!) great read.


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