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YRAH Bday: Interview with Rachel Vincent+ GIVEAWAY

YOUNG READER blog is now 2 years old!



calls for a celebration!

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Ok I know it's been a LONG time since I posted anything interesting or related to this event but it's because I suddenly have absolutely NO free time!

Also, I'm not exactly the most organised person so I forgot to schedule this...

Anyway without further delay I present to you ,one of my favorite authors Rachel Vincent.
(I can't get over the fact that this is happening ! She's an author that I've been wanting to interview for AGES)

 Rachel do you have any advice for budding authors?
I have only the advice every writer seems to give out. Write a lot to refine your voice and hone your craft. Read a lot to see how that is done.

If there was a zombie apocalypse would you still pursue a career in writing?Also what do you think you would be incharge of?
By definition, if there were an apocalypse, no one would have a career in anything except staying alive, right? After the apocalypse, maybe I would return to writing. But I'm not sure how much value that particular skill would have in a world so devastated.

Can we expect any YA or New Adult novel from you in the coming year? (Preferably next year *gives puppy dog eyes*)
I announced a new YA sale last week. ANATHEMA and PANDEMONIA have sold to Wendy Loggia, at Random House/Delacorte. But the first one won't be out until 2015, so the only YA I'll have in 2014 is the Soul Screamers Volume 4 omnibus, which will contain one original story.

Books you would recommend to adults & children.
I typically recommend Holly Black, Stephen King, Courtney Summers, Scott Westerfeld, Simone Elkeles, etc... 

I don't want to read the last soul screamer novel, how did it feel to actually end such an amazing series?
Draining, but exciting. Bittersweet. It's strange and kind of scary to say goodbye to characters who've been in my life for so long. But I'm pleased to have been able to give them a good ending.

How would you explain what the soul screamers series is about to a person who hasn't read it?
I'd probably direct them to online descriptions of the books, then add that the books are full of complicated family- and friendship dynamics, an array of supernatural beings (some I made up entirely), high stakes, lots of romance, and humor.

All your books in the soul screamers series are based on a certain theme can you tell us about the themes in order?
Each of the seven Soul Screamers books has as its theme one of the seven deadly sins. (Not the plot, but the theme.) In order, they are:

Vanity (MSTTake)
Greed (MSTSave)
Gluttony-as addiction (MSTKeep)
Envy (MSTSteal)
Lust (If I Die)
Sloth-as depression (Before I Wake)
Wrath (With All My Soul)

Rapid Fire(what it the first thing that comes to your mind when I say....)
Harry Potter

Source(couldn't find the original page so linking to image source )

The series consists of 7 books and has been completed. The books in order are:
My Soul To Take     *Goodreads* My Review* 
My Soul To Save      *Goodreads* My Review*
My Soul To Keep      *Goodreads*My Review*
My Soul To Steal       *Goodreads*My Review*
If I Die                        *Goodreads*My Review*
Before I Wake          *Goodreads*My Review*
With All My Soul       *Goodreads*My Review*

I'm giving away a SIGNED copy of With All My Soul by Rachel Vincent.

This giveaway is 

INDIA only 

If you're international and will  pay for shipping you can enter the giveaway as well.


  1. My favorite Rachel Vincent novel (apart from the AMAZING Soul Screamers), has to be "Stray" book 1 in the Shifters series. I love the entire concept of Werecats and think it makes a change from your typical werewolf/ vampire books.

  2. Before I Wake is definitely my favorite. Go Team Tod! <3
    Thanks for the giveaway Kadbury :)

  3. Of Vincent I have only read My Soul to Take till now (just bought Blood bound too, still need to read) so its my favorite of her's as of yet, maybe it will change after I tackle all her books.

    Thanks for this giveaway
    Aparajita @Le' Grande Codex

  4. Awesome interview ladies. I've read the first book in this series and enjoyed it. I guess I need to get back to it now that all the books are out. I love reading one right after the other. I don't live in India so good luck to everyone else entering the giveaway! :)


    That's awesome that Rachel Vincent sold another two books. I must have missed that news, but I'll keep my eye out for them and the omnibus, as I have yet to read her series but have heard nothing but good things about it! Especially given what she wrote about the series--anything with high stakes and humor is bound to be good :).

  6. I've read all the books in the Soul Screamers series,and I absolutely cant decide my favourite between If I Die,Before I Wake and With All My Soul. No,I can, its WAMS! Also, Team Tod FTW!
    Rachel Vincent is one of my favourite authors and I cant wait to read her Shifters series!
    Thanks so much for this giveaway,I've never seen one just for Indian fans!

  7. Sadly, I haven't read any of the author's works, but I sure as hell am dying to read the Soul Screamers series. And i loved reading every bit of the interview, especially the Rapid Fire part. Thank you for the giveaway, KM!


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