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Interview with Aaron Patterson (Author of Airel)

Aaron Patterson is the author of the bestselling WJA series as well as a  two Digital Shorts 19 and The Craigslist Killer. He was homeschooled and grew up in the west. Aaron loved to read from a small child and would often be found behind a book and would read 1-3 a day on average. This love drove him to want to write but never thought he had the talent. He wrote Sweet Dreams the first book in the WJA series in 2008. Airel is his first teen series and plans for more to come are already in the works. He lives in Boise Idaho with his family, Soleil, Kale and Klayton. His daughter had an imaginary friend named She.
His latest book is Airel.  You can visit his website at StoneHouse Ink or connect with him on Facebook at

Today,I have the amazing Aaron Patterson with me and he's talking about his upcoming novel,Airel.
Expected Publication:August 31st 2011

Could you start things off by telling us a little about the book?

Airel is a almost normal teen who finds herself falling for a boy and even goes against her own desires to be independent. There are two stories that run side by side in this book. Kreios is the other side and is an angel who falls for a woman and leaves to be with her. But she dies in childbirth and he is on the run when a evil group sets out to kill him and his kind. Airel is somehow connected and the two stories unfold in the end to one sweet ending!

 Who is your fictional crush(IT CAN'T BE FROM YOUR BOOK!)?
Laura Croft.

Is there going to be a sequel?
Yes, this is a 5 book series, maybe more.

If you had to describe your book in a sentence it would be...
Girl meets boy, girl gets sick and ends up running for her life and to top it off finds out she is not all human

What can you tell us about Airel(character)?
She is short, pretty but not a knockout. She likes coconut coffee and has a weird best friend Kim. She just wants to finish school and fly under the radar.

How is writing a book with help(co-author) different from doing it alone?
It is a ton of fun. I get feedback, we plot out things and working with Chris is not hard as he and I think alike. I write the entire book in the first draft and he gets it from there. We go back and forth till we are happy with it and it is off to the editor.

Any must read authors or series to our readers?
Hunger Games, The Fallen series.

Do you have a favorite scene or line from Airel?
 I love the end scene, I wanted it to pack a huge punch and I believe it does.

Thoughts on your book cover(be honest!!!)
LOVE IT! It is sexy and soft, and holds you. Book 2 cover is just as cool... just you wait!

Michael Alexander is......?
The stud, a bit of a mystery and sort of a bad guy... maybe

.Rapid Fire(what it the first thing that comes to your mind when I say....)
Harry Potter
Did you just cuss?
Honey BBQ, yum!
Gotta have it!

Thank you for organizing this tour Dorothy!


  1. Thank you for having me on your blog. Airel is now available on kindle and other eBook sites and the Print will be out next month. Here is the link to Amazon:

  2. @Aaron: Thanks for reminding me! I had totally forgotten to put links to Amazon.

  3. I have read Sweet Dreams and am on Dream On. However, I just have to make a comment. I have never been so disappointed reading a book when there are numerous and numerous typographical and grammatical errors. It takes away the enjoyment when you come across another, only to think what idiots are employed by this publishing company. I would seriously consider changing. Now I feel better getting this off my chest.

  4. @Deborah: I haven't read this book so I cant say,thanks for the input!


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