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Review:House of Night series

I decided to review the whole series in one post.
Please note:I have not read Awakened so I will not be writing a review of Awakened in this post.
Caution:This is going to be a LONG post!
Summary :Enter the dark, magical world of the House of Night, a world very much like our own, except here vampyres have always existed.(Please Click on the title to go to individual book summaries)

Lets start with book 1....




(House of Night #2)

Why I picked it up:Well,things couldn't get worse and I was curious.
My thoughts:It was definitely better than Marked thanks to.......................(drum roll please)

Stevie Rae(Zoey's best friend)
She was funny.
I am still not a fan of Zoey.....she gives meaning to the words shady and bimbo(those were not the word I wanted to use but I don't want to use bad words).Make up your mind and choose a guy already,Zoey! You're leading on all of them.

My Rating:                                                         (1.5)

Chosen (House of Night #3)

Why I picked it up: Book 2 was better ,So I decided to give this one a shot.Plus,my friend said it gets better.
My Thoughts: I really don't like Zoey.Wasn't it bad enough that she was leading on two guys that they added ANOTHER guy to the mix?That too a *spoiler alert* teacher *spoiler ends*
The height! 
Saving grace:Zoey's friends(i.e  Erin Bates,Shaunee Cole,Damien Maslin and Stevie Rae)
I think I forgot to mention the fact that the antagonist is also very weak in this series.Usually,you're scared of the antagonist but not in this series!Half the time I'm wondering why Zoey's is even scared of the antagonist.(Guess I don't find her scary)
My Rating:

Untamed (House of Night #4)

Why I picked it up: I really don't know 
Thoughts: Thank you P.C and Kristen Cast for FINALLY adding/introducing us to some new and interesting characters in this bland and  so-not- interesting series!
If you really want to try this series, I would suggest starting it from this book.Zoey is still.......well Zoey, but finally there is an antagonist I can actually take seriously!
Stark ,thank you for being the normal guy in this series !!(personality wise)
The story finally becomes interesting and We see some good leadership qualities in Zoey(yeah,right!)
This  book was pretty good,actually!(even,I was surprised) 
My rating:



Hunted (House of Night #5)

Why I picked it up: Untamed was good,that's why!

My thoughts:I will be honest...I don't really remember what happened in this book because I read hunted and tempted together and it all seemed to be a part of the same story.
The story deteriorates(i.e It's not as good as Untamed)
but it was definitely better than the first,second and third books in this series.
My Rating:                                                   

Tempted (House of Night #6)

Why I picked it up:The series was becoming better.Plus, my friend kept on nagging at me to read it.

My thoughts:As I said before,I don't really remember what happened in this book as I take Hunted and Tempted to be the same story told in two different parts.
One thing I do remember is the fact that it was almost as good as Untamed and much better than the first three books in the series(*SHUDDERS*).I really liked the ending because it was unpredictable.
I am now positive that Kalona,Stark and Stevie Rae are the only characters that can salvage this series as I have given up on Zoey.
My Rating: 

Finally WE GET TO.....................

Burned (House of Night #7)

My thoughts:This book is the ONLY reason that I'm glad that I read this series.
The reason.....
It's told from various individual's perspective!!!!(I did mention the fact that I don't like Zoey ,right?)
This book is told from Stevie Rae's,Kalona,Stark etc. point of view and I really liked this.The other reason I'm in love with this book is the fact that Zoey actually sticks with only ONE guy throughout this book!That in itself is a miracle.The story was unpredictable and well written.The characters relatable and the book had  a really good cliffhanger ending.
I finished this one in one day! It was that good!Pity you have to go through all these books to reach this one.
My Rating:



  1. I've only managed to make it through Marked. When I copied my thoughts to Amazon I was found to be very NOT helpful to the House of Night Fans. I actually enjoyed Marked for the most part, it had it's issues, but I enjoyed the story. Betrayed I've been reading on and on for a month now and it's like having my teeth pulled to keep reading. I'm not sure I'll ever make it through book 2 to get on to the rest of the series. It's impressive that you made it through the series. I like how you bunched them up into one review. :)

  2. @Jennn The story was Ok but Zoey(SHUDDERS).I made it through the series because I was bored and my friend is annoying.

  3. I am crazy about this story. Though Zoey does also irritate, me she's supposed to save the world so that gives her a bit of prep and she's going through ever day life problems, with the supernatural problems on her shoulder also. I absolutely loved Stark? You?

    1. STARK is my ALL TIME FAVORITE CHARACTER! I love that guy :)

  4. Great review I only read the first two maybe I should read the rest!

  5. The review was very nice, but I can't manage to read the first book...I don't like it.

  6. With the exception of Zoey a lot of times, I have enjoyed these stories a lot. But I know that a lot of people can't stand them. I hate that! I am so impressed that you have kept reading the series, even though you can't stand them. I don't think that I could do that.

  7. I'm reading these series, right now I'm reading Hunted. But I seriously get so irritated because of Zoey. I hate the fact that literally EVERY damn guy, likes/falls in love with her, while she's such an annoying and slutty (excuse my language) girl. I especially freaked out when Kalona liked her, I almost ate my book out of frustration.... I don't like Zoey AT ALL!!! I hope she gets better, and I hope that Kalona doesn't fall in love with her..... All though that will probably happen because it's so obvious. Meh.

  8. The story line is great. But Zoey that goddamn girl. I'm sure that I'm not the only one tired of her sluttish nature. Seriously the bitch never learns. Why does everybody have to like her. She irritiates me. In hunted when Becca and the girl said that Nyx only cared about Zoey and she got all the guys she thought it was because of Kalona's mind control but they weren't lying. Heath Eric Loren Stark and Kalona. She irritates me way too much. Aphrodite is actually my favorite character and way less bitchy than Redbird.


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